Will UFOs fly over the United States?Multiple videos can reveal the truth

Due to sightings of flying objects approaching our country’s military areas or coasts, the Pentagon and NASA established working groups to find explanations for these phenomena.

There are rumors that the country’s security may be in danger, which is why Telemundo 48 spoke to two experts on the topic of aliens to find answers.

A UFO was recorded by a pilot of a U.S. Navy military aircraft. The Pentagon must report these sightings to members of Congress. These are three leaked videos that have been circulating on the Internet since 2007 and 2017 respectively.

“The authorities cannot explain at least most of the sightings or records,” said Ricardo Gonz├ílez Corpancho, a writer who studies the UFO phenomenon. “We’re talking about 144 cases and only one of them is a deflating balloon, it’s deflating,” he added.

The first recording shows an elliptical object accelerating beyond the sensor’s line of sight.

“Those who have to leave will be the airmen themselves, the service members themselves who witnessed these experiences firsthand,” said author and international lecturer Sixto Paz Wells.

Two senior military officers attended the hearing – the undersecretary of defense for intelligence and the deputy director of naval intelligence – and were shown a second recording. In the photo, a crew member can be heard saying “look at that thing,” referring to a flying object that they said appeared to be flying against the wind.

“I would not rule out that a certain percentage of these sightings may correspond to the impact of non-human intelligence on our reality of extraterrestrial origin,” Copancho said.

In a third video, a flying object is seen appearing to be above the water and the military team can be heard asking: “What is that?”

“This opens up a range of hypotheses, from extraterrestrials to secret military weapons from hostile countries like China or Russia, which would also be scandalous,” Capancho said.

Former Nevada Sen. Harry Reid, whose state is home to the Air Force’s secret Area 51 facility, celebrated on Twitter the Pentagon’s release of the images, though he lamented that the videos only scratched the surface of the investigation and documentation .

“This type of hearing should never be held anyway because these types of government representatives have virtually no say on this issue,” Wells said.

Pentagon officials have revealed no more information about their investigation into hundreds of unexplained sightings in the skies, which they describe as unexplained aerial phenomena.

The congressional hearing was called by lawmakers from both parties who claimed UFOs were a national security issue amid reports of sightings near military bases.

“I don’t think it’s dangerous for us because the UFO phenomenon has been demonstrated in most of these studies,” Corpancho said.

Wells transcended fear of legislators.

“If they had malicious intent, they would have destroyed us,” Wells said.

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