October 4, 2022

George Russell after the sinking of Zhou Guanyu at the British Grand Prix.

The first lap of the British Formula 1 Grand Prix saw two separate multi-car wrecks which sent one driver to hospital for ‘precautionary checks’ and another slipping on the track and gravel before rolling into the fence .

Pierre Gasly started between Zhou Guanyu and George Russell, but as the gap narrowed, the AlphaTauri rider fell back. Gasly tagged Russell’s left rear wheel in the process, sending the Mercedes spinning into Zhou.

The Afla Romeo rolled over and skidded on the track and gravel before rolling over the barriers. The catch fence in front of the grandstand is what stopped Zhou, the rookie car from falling into the gap between the fence and the tire barrier.

Meanwhile, Russell was on track to watch it happen and jumped out of his Mercedes before sprinting over the gravel to Zhou. He quickly jumped over the barriers, signaling for the marshals to come and help.