September 25, 2022

There has been a lot of talk about a possible reunion between Kevin Durant and the Warriors after the Nets star requested a trade out of Brooklyn, however unlikely that may seem.

And now Warriors owner Joe Lacob has weighed in – sort of.

Without mentioning names, The Athletic’s Tim Kawakami asked Lacob on Thursday’s episode of “The TK Show” whether or not the Warriors would be willing to trade their roster of young players for a superstar.

“To kick it off again, there’s a theoretical way to trade a lot of what you have and bring back a big, big, big name, which may or may not require a trade you know,” Kawakami told Lacob. “I won’t name names, I’m not here to get you in trouble. But is it really a prospect, that you can destroy everything because of what you have built here? We won a championship, and you know what, there’s a superstar there. Let’s go get this guy.

As ESPN’s Zach Lowe pointed out following Durant’s trade request, the Warriors ironically have the perfect package to go after two-time NBA Finals MVP, including All-Star Andrew Wiggins, a handful of exciting young players and lots of draft selects.

In his response to Kawakami, Lacob also declined to comment on any specific player or his impending trade request in his response, while stating that nothing is ever out of the realm of possibility.

It all comes down to what’s in the Warriors’ best interest, he said.

“You know what that answer will be,” laughed Lacob, “that is, we will always look at all opportunities to improve. The question you have to ask yourself is: better in the short term, better in the medium term. or better in the long run?

“There are some options to build the team, if we were to pivot in some way, in a partial way, that could give us an even higher advantage in the short term, but could diminish in the long term. These are so the things that [general manager] Bob [Myers] and the group must all examine and determine which is the right path.

Giving up the team’s future to trade for a now-winning player like Durant would certainly impact any long-term plans Golden State has in mind for young stars like Moses Moody, Jonathan Kuminga, or James Wiseman, whether whether or not their names are involved in the hypothetical transaction.

But whether it’s Durant or any other big name in the market, those are decisions that Lacob, Myers and the rest of the Warriors front office are forced to ponder each offseason.

“There is always – if it’s not the player you’re referring to – there will always be an ‘X’ player,” Lacob continued. “That’s the one thing about the NBA… It’s just amazing how these things seem to happen every year. And we’ll always be looking to improve our team to try to win a championship. What if we thought it was was something better for the team to do, we would do it. You know, we have to weigh the short term, the long term and all that. We have to weigh the financial obligations in both scenarios. But we will do all of that and make the decision that seems best to us.

Although the Warriors have the perfect package for Durant and Marc J. Spears reporting Sunday, citing sources, that the team is interested in a reunion, other reports have indicated otherwise.

Athletics’ Marcus Thompson II reported Sunday night, citing multiple sources within the Warriors organization, that a trade for Durant is “highly unlikely.”

So with all that said, Lacob had some advice for Golden State fans on “The TK Show.”

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“We have a good thing going. We’re not going to do a stupid deal whether it’s now or in the fall or anytime for anybody if we don’t think it’s something really good for our team we don’t wouldn’t do it,” Lacob said. “So I think the fans, you know, I’m going to talk to them here and just tell them, and believe me, I get bombarded every day about all of these things. Just trust Bob and our band to review all angles and make good decisions going forward. We’ve done a great job in 12 years, and Bob deserves respect for giving him this opportunity to do so.

Dub Nation would certainly agree that four NBA championships in the past eight seasons is, in fact, a pretty good job.

And while rumors of where Durant will eventually float continue to float, Warriors fans can rest assured that the team on the field next season is the team Lacob, Myers and Co. think is the best. placed to win another ring.

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