UFO encounter in Zamora

Published in european oil company No. 96

There are many stories about UFO encounters that have yet to be told. The next incident took place in 1972 in an area of ​​Zamora that is now very central, but where in the 1970s there was only one low building and a small two-story house.

After the publication of my book Historical Ufology of Zamora (Guante Blanco, 2022), I received a message through which an eyewitness contacted me to break her silence. I am keeping her name anonymous because she is a publicly recognized artist.61HPUlZlXWL._AC_UF1000,1000_QL80_

The woman, now 69, decided to tell her story for the first time while we were having coffee in the central cafeteria in La Marina Española Plaza in Zamora, very close to the scene of the incident.

The witness began to tell me the details of her encounter with the flying saucer. She remembers that she was about 17 years old and had always loved reading, but that spring she was living on the second floor of the building.

This building has eight floors. At about seven o’clock that afternoon, he was reading on the balcony. Suddenly he looked out from the small balcony and saw with his own eyes a huge, stationary, and flying object. It is located above the second floor of an apartment building.

326924472_766736758286380_7728496778157890153_nShe felt a sense of paralysis and surprise that she couldn’t remember when the device stopped, standing still and not making any kind of noise in front of the building. But he believed it probably lasted several minutes, and yes, it was there long enough to observe every detail of the saucer’s bottom.

Once, as soon as he laid eyes on the artifact, he noticed that it was illuminated by a powerful light. Then the light went out and I observed that it was colored like black metal and had many small windows or doors in its belly, with a hatch in the middle that was larger than the others.

After some time, the object disappeared with incredible speed, leaving no trace or smoke behind. When she walked into the house, she knew she had witnessed something unusual, and it made some headlines in the Zamora media at the time.


She told me that the next day or the following days, she remembered a headline in the media about a UFO sighting in Zamora. She never told anyone or her parents about it for fear they wouldn’t believe her..

Today, Three Crosses is one of the busiest areas of the city of Zamora, but at that time it was an empty lot with few houses, some of which still stand today. Perhaps this meeting could have had more eyewitnesses, and it would be nice to provide more testimony for a meeting like this.

As I took the last sip of my coffee, the conversation was coming to an end, but I got even stranger information from the man, who kindly and disinterestedly began to recount his experience. She had a vision or omen, and she wondered if that encounter had ignited a spark within her.

Nando Dominguez

Author of “Historical Ufology of Zamora”


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