September 25, 2022

Dedication to my father. AKA, the G(D)OAT.

Being born in the 90s, my teenage brain wasn’t smart enough to unravel all the historical logs. But the (not so) old man made sure to get his hands on all the best papers he could, and he handed them to me as my parents prepared to leave the childhood home.

I now officially have every original Chicago Tribune front page of every Bulls championship. For an avid journalist like me, that’s all the best.

• Is it safe to say that Nikola Vucevic has heard of the latest rumours?

• When the big man pressed “tweet” on Saturday afternoon, I don’t know if he knew what he was doing. Deprived Bulls fans immediately went into a frenzy, wondering whether or not his lyrics were meant as a simple joke or were tied to some bigger meaning. Did Vucevic say that we don’t really know what he thinks; thus, suggesting he might want the opposite of a future with the Bulls? I can see how his message could be taken that way, but I guess it goes much deeper than he intended. Instead, I believe Vucevic’s comment was nothing more than a mild jab at the title.

• I’m not going to sit here and pretend to know Vucevic (but if he ever wants to build Legos while watching Star Wars, I’m free). I have never met this guy and have no knowledge of his current perception of the team. However, he’s been known to have a pretty sarcastic and dry sense of humor (which I think is reflected in this tweet), and he’s also expressed nothing but contentment during his time in Chicago. So yeah, I’m sure he’s rolled his eyes at some of these latest rumours, especially Gobert’s one that might have less weight than people think.

• Speaking of which, it seems Gobert has also been keeping tabs on the latest gossip:

• We can never rule out anything in today’s nearly unpredictable NBA, but I think this brief exchange between the two All-Star centers implies that neither believes a exchange is imminent. That said, the odds of the Jazz trading Gobert this offseason still seem pretty damn high, in my opinion.

• Ayo Dosunmu’s rookie campaign was arguably the most pleasant surprise of the Bulls’ 2021-22 season. Sure, DeMar DeRozan’s All-NBA performance sits pretty close to the top of the list, but that would have been a much more believable result in October 2021. As for watching the 38th overall pick appear in 77 games (as of 40) in his home team’s first winning season since 2017, it’s the kind of story that unfolds in a cheesy Disney sports movie. And his dagger poster dunk would surely have been the movie’s epic slow-motion highlight:

• Dosunmu’s season has only become more impressive in retrospect. While it’s clear he should have been a first-round talent all along, so rarely do we see a rookie step into the big leagues and immediately play game-winning basketball. From his comfortably above average ball defense to his high-IQ decision-making in the absence of Lonzo Ball, Dosunmu played the kind of game we often see in a veteran. eight years old. And the fact that this That’s where he started, it’s impossible not to think back to how high his ceiling was.

• Indeed, Dosunmu’s immediate contributions could allow Karnisovas to reassess the way he handles the backcourt in the future. Not only could Dosunmu be considered a viable backup option for Lonzo Ball, but he could render Coby White’s services somewhat useless if his catching and shooting ability continues to improve. Not to mention that Dosunmu’s length and defensive instincts make him a much more versatile option off the bench. So if Karnisovas gets any calls about White this summer, he’ll likely be much more inclined to answer them knowing Dosunmu is still under contract.

• The beginning of a ten-year domination:

• It would have been better if Jordan scored.

• We’re talking about training! ? Not a game!?

• Ugh.