The “Stargate” Project and the “Psychic” Phenomenon

What happened to the “Stargate” project? Why did the declassification of his documents cause so much controversy? What conclusion did he leave behind? In this article we will try to answer these questions.

latest update: March 18, 2023

In the 1970s there was a Prosperity surrounding so-called “psychics,” or people with special psychic abilities, Related to supernatural abilities, such as telepathy and “remote viewing.”It’s about the project stargate, A U.S. government program dedicated to registering and validating these unusual skills.

In principle, the plan This was a secret program until 1995, when the CIA declassified all documents related to. It ended because its directors deemed it useless.

basically, stargate Find and recruit capable people Excellent, he assessed his abilities and determine whether the government can use them for specific purposes.The results were ambiguous and the project ended, but a book and a film emerged from the experience titled Man staring at goat.

«The mind is everything. “Whatever you want to be, you become.”


Origin of the project stargate

Beginning in the 1970s, U.S. intelligence agencies They began randomly investigating people who presented themselves to the world as “psychics”. The Soviet Union is believed to be doing the same thing at the same time.

They are increasingly interested in the phenomenon of “remote viewing.” This is defined as the ability to receive information about distant situations or people. This is a phenomenon of “extrasensory perception” for which there is currently no scientific evidence to support it.

In 1972, physicists Russell Targ and Harold Puthoff began evaluating people who seemed to have the ability to observe remotely..The results were deemed encouraging enough to generate interest white housePsychologist Ray Hyman was even hired to analyze a young man named Uri Geller because he seemed to possess immense abilities.

The results of Heyman’s report painted Geller as a consummate liar. However, the comments of others, less ostentatious than those of the Israelis, continue to arouse interest.The most obvious example is Rosemary Smith helped locate a Soviet spy in 1976, reportedly through “remote observation.”

Stargate project extrasensory abilities
The scientific nature of the plan stargate is the use of so-called extrasensory abilities on behalf of the U.S. government.

What is known about the project

Most people have no idea what this project is. Stargate. In fact, it didn’t become famous until it was declassified in 1995. Author Jim Popkin may have been the first to reveal some of the details of the plan through extensive press coverage..

They allegedly invested $20 million for this purpose and used the money to find secret training camps in Libya and identify where kidnapped citizens were detained. Popkin assured that the project adequately demonstrated the phenomenon of remote viewing, but there was insufficient evidence to prove your statement.

There are voices defending this, although the project stargate It’s over, the activities carried out have not stopped. Apparently, they were transferred from the CIA to the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA).In fact, at one point, Bill Clinton’s defense secretary told the magazine Weekly newspaper “The study of psychic powers is and will remain an important endeavor.”

CIA documents
this project stargate It became popular after the declassification of CIA documents in 1995.

Truth or myth?

when file stargate, The American ABC TV station produced a TV program in which former CIA director Robert Gates and scientist Edwin May, one of the leaders of the program, participated. The two gave completely opposite versions: While Gates noted the futility of the experience, May claimed important achievements.

Anyway, There is no evidence that the project continued in any way or provided useful results. So far, there is no scientific basis for “remote viewing” either.

The only evidence is some decrypted documents There are some inexplicable plots. There was also the testimony of Army Sergeant Joseph McMoneagle, considered “Agent 001” for the experiment. Beyond this, humans’ so-called “supernatural abilities” also need to be supported.

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