September 25, 2022

“The rest” of the Boston Celtics roster hasn’t played a big role this season. Ime Udoka led a tight ship that left very little room at the end of the bench to buy playing time. To put it into perspective, these six players have combined to earn 295 minutes this season. Daniel Theis joined the Celtics at the trade deadline and recorded 393.

But just because they haven’t had many opportunities this season doesn’t mean they can’t make an impact in the future. Let’s go over each player, what they brought to the team and what their future might look like.

Photo by Brian Babineau/NBAE via Getty Images

Sam Hauser

Of these six players, Hauser is by far the most intriguing. Boston signed him to a two-way deal after the NBA draft last offseason and he earned himself a standard contract.

Hauser has accounted for 158 of the aforementioned 295 minutes, averaging 2.5 points and 1.1 rebounds for the Cs this year on 43.2 percent shooting from distance (19 of 44 from deep). However, his G League stats are far more impressive.

The 6’7 forward played 10 games for the Maine Celtics last season, starting in eight of them and averaging 33.5 minutes per game. He averaged 16.9 points, 5.0 rebounds and 1.9 assists on 48.7% shooting from the field and 43.3% shooting from deep on 9.0 three-point attempts per game.

While Hauser’s defense leaves a lot to be desired, his ability to shoot the ball makes him an intriguing piece for Boston among its stars. If he can develop any element of the defensive end of the ball, he’ll be worth having because of his consistent, high-arc three-point shot.

Luc Kornet

In his second season with the Celtics, Kornet earned himself a standard contract after spending a lot of time with the Maine Celtics. He was part of the group that secured roster spots after Boston’s trade delay maneuvers left them with a ton of roster clearance.

He only appeared in 15 games, and after having some fun times with the 2020-21 Celtics, didn’t really have much of an impact last season. Kornet is the tallest guy on Boston’s roster at 7’2, but with the likelihood of the incoming roster tightening, he likely won’t be on the team long.

Kornet has the unique distinction of being the only player on the Celtics roster who is not under team control heading into next year. He will be an unrestricted free agent. Given that Boston will likely add pieces this summer through the MLE or various TPEs, Kornet and the Celtics will likely part ways again.

Nik Stauskas

When the Celtics signed Stauskas after the trade deadline, he was coming off some of the best basketball of his G League career. Stauskas had just scored 100 points in two games and was automatic behind the three-point line. He’s only played 15 minutes for the Cs this year, and with his contract not guaranteed next year, it’s debatable whether he’ll be back or not.

Boston should take a similar stance with Stauskas as they do with Hauser. Both are great three-point shooters but don’t really hold up on defense. Hauser’s youth gives him an edge, but if the Celtics feel they need two roster specialists, maybe Stauskas will be back too. It’s really in tune with the times.

Juwan Morgan

This is perhaps the most curious case of all ‘the others’, as Morgan hasn’t really provided much for Boston. He doesn’t have the inside shot of Hauser or Stauskas, the height of Kornet, or the intangibles of the next two players we’ll talk about. As harsh as that sounds, he was really just a roster filler for the Celtics, providing “emergency icebreaker” big-man depth.

Malik Fitts and Matt Ryan

These two are brought together — not because of what they brought Boston to the field, but because of what they brought to the team off the field. Please refer to the following song, Rhythm and vibrations by Tobi & Manny, as a representation of Fitts and Ryan’s contributions. It’s worth listening to.

It was just rhythm and vibration.

Whenever the Celtics did something cool, these two were there to bring energy to the bench. Theo Pinson is often considered one of the league’s best culture builders. Well, depending on how these two performed on the bench, they could add their names to this list.

They even get called out by their teammates for “stinking UNO”, which may be the worst insult anyone can come up with. How can you be bad at the UN?

Fitts and Ryan were always there to provide good vibes on the sidelines when Boston needed them most. Plus, their names sound like they should have their own detective TV show – Fitts and Ryan.

Whether or not they will be back for next year is undetermined. They could be ousted during Boston’s offseason roster crisis. But if the Celtics find themselves with a few vacancies, expect these two to be at the top of the candidate list.