The Global Awareness Project and its Fascinating Findings

The Global Awareness Project was created by engineers and physicists, producing results that seem to come straight from the prophetic books. We’re talking about a study that surprised scientists and laypeople alike.

latest update: January 20, 2023

The Global Awareness Project is an international initiative born in 1998 at Princeton University. The goal is to understand whether each person’s mind generates energy beyond the skull. If so, we can postulate the existence of a “Universal Mind” or “Cosmic Consciousness” formed from the synergy of energies of each individual mind.

At first glance, this topic seems to have more to do with the paranormal than anything reasonable.The fact is, the Global Awareness Program, or Global Awareness Project (GCP), created by physicists and engineers and developed using scientific tools.

Despite the exotic and controversial nature of the topic, the Global Awareness Project has achieved some significant results.. While the validity of its premise has yet to be proven, and the research is still estimated to be in its early stages, the fact is that it has already yielded some very compelling clues. We’ll get to this below.

Consciousness can only exist in one way, and that is to be aware of its existence.“.

-Jean Paul Sartre-

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Through the Global Consciousness Project we hope to test the relationship between collective consciousness and physical reality.

Global Awareness Project

In 1979, Robert G. Jahn, dean of Princeton University’s School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, created an affiliate at Princeton called the Princeton Center for Engineering Anomaly Research (PEAR), or the Center for Engineering Anomaly Research. Its purpose is to study the interaction between the human mind and the phenomena of the physical world.. The premise of this experience was documented in an article.

About 20 years later, researcher Roger Nelson began the Global Awareness Project.This scientist focuses on Studying the role of consciousness and intention in the physical world. This effect has been demonstrated in sensitive engineering equipment. Now we want to explore how and to what extent it affects the ordinary world.

The Global Awareness Project is classified as an experiment. Nielsen uses a technique called a “random event generator” to capture and study states of “group consciousness” and their changes. He first focused on the local scene and then jumped to the international arena. Currently, it operates in 70 countries.

Experiment, what is the effect?

The Global Awareness Project installs a software On computers in 70 countries.These They generate two numbers continuously and randomly: one and zero. The numbers are not in a predetermined order but appear randomly. It probably looks like this: 0001001110010111111001. This happens every second, in different “reception centres”.

All data is transferred to the Central Archives in Princeton at 200 Bit per second. Over the years, these numbers have been generated by chance. The aim is always to see if there is a correlation between data published in different places.

Everything was going normally until September 6, 1997, when an unexpected event happened. Suddenly, all the generators seemed to sync up and started emitting patterns that were no longer random.. Similar: 0001110011000111. The most important event of the day was the collective mourning at Diana’s funeral in Wales.

Think in numbers
The Global Awareness Project has been ongoing since 1998 and was initiated by Roger Nelson of the Princeton Engineering Anomaly Research Laboratory (PEAR).

Coincidence or evidence?

Later, researchers at the Global Awareness Project discovered that symmetries develop in numbers that precede other related events, such as New Year’s Eve. Events such as the bombing of the former Yugoslavia and the Kursk massacre demonstrated the same synchronicity.

This is all interesting, but the most surprising thing is yet to happen. This happened on September 11, 2001, four hours before the attacks on the Twin Towers in New York. A famous article reported this discovery.

The scientists were very surprised because they did not expect such a result. However, in December 2004, the strange synchronization occurred again, but nothing special happened. Just 24 hours later, the famous tsunami occurred in the Indian Ocean. The key question is: Can global awareness predict events?

The truth is, despite this evidence, scientists at the Global Awareness Project are more cautious. They said they could not yet draw conclusions about what happened. They think the experiment is still in its infancy, but they also know it will continue to bring surprises.

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