The correspondence between Antonio Ribera and Ballester Olmos is now included in the book

Published in european oil company No. 97

In EOC n° 96 we have announced the digital creation of this fantastic documentary collection. Now, Vicente Juan Ballester-Olmos tells us about the print edition, and by the way, he does not receive any royalties:

This book is a collection of my extensive correspondence with the renowned author and ufologist Antonio Ribera from 1966 until his death in 2001, accompanied by photos of our meetings, interviews with “bureaucrat” Ai Meetings with Aimé Michel or Jacques Vallée, photos of our shared trips or seminars, and other documents that undoubtedly reflect a part of the history of UFO research in Spain during the 20th century.

Thanks to the valuable help of Moisés Garrido and Claudia Moctezuma and to the generous contribution of the Javier Sierra archive, I have published this monograph, This is consistent with our belief in transparency and the preservation of the premise of this country’s “UFO culture.” Moises and Claudia did an excellent and invaluable editorial job, for which I will always be grateful to them. The work is approximately 750 pages long, starting with a brief but necessary introduction and then the document itself.

In addition to facsimiles of the hundreds of letters we exchanged, two appendices are included, one a memorial written by Serra and Garrido at the time, and the other a personal dedication in his book that Ribera kindly signed for me . I believe that this will undoubtedly be material of interest to ufology enthusiasts and historians of the subject.

From July 2023, this book will be available for free download in PDF format via the following Academia.edu link: https://www.academia.edu/104511891/Mi_correspondencia_con_Antonio_Ribera

In January 2024, UPIAR Publishing House (Turin, Italy) published a paperback version in A4 format with black and white and color photo illustrations (ISBN: 9791281441057). The book can be purchased through the following link: https://www.upiar.com/index.cfm?artID=204


After the work was released online, it received a lot of praise in the UFO community: great opera (Javier Serra). Excellent works (Jose Juan Montejo). great contribution (David Cuevas). basic (Luis Alfonso Gamez). Non-repeatable recovery efforts (Javier Reines). Excellent, wonderful (Dr. Heriberto János). pure gold (Diego Zuniga). extraordinary work (Carlos Gonzalez). Astonishing (Marcos Antonio Benitez). well done (Juan Jose Sanchez-Oro). priceless (Julio Arcas Girardi). Compilation of basic epistolary styles (Ignacio Cabria). A priceless journey into UFO history (Manuel Cabral). A collection of historically important documents (Eduardo Russell). Milestones in Spanish UFO history (Jaime Cervera). The best tribute anyone can pay to Antonio Ribera who is so dearly missed (Gemma Lozano). Beautiful and necessary “decryption” (Alejandro Agostinelli). A must-have for Spanish UFO historians (Dr. Ricardo Campo). Important contribution to the history of Spanish ufology (Miguel Guaspo Carrascosa).


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