September 30, 2022

Suzanne Wrack was in Zurich to watch England complete their Euro warm-up in style. His report arrived, and here it is. Thank you for reading this MBM. Good night !

A happy Sarina Wiegman gives her verdict to ITV. “It was a very good result. We scored all our goals in the second half, and it showed once again that we have a very fit team. They got tired, we brought in substitutes, and it showed that we are not playing with 11 players, we have so many more players in our team. We can make changes in the second half and play patient. They have become dangerous and we will have to improve a bit. We We still have things to improve, but we are in a very good position. It really starts next Wednesday, although we still have to improve some things.

Alessia Russo speaks to ITV. “There were moments in the first half when we could have scored. But we have been patient. We talked about keeping the tempo high, and the subs came in and made the difference. It was great. The team performed well. Sometimes it won’t be pretty and you just have to win. Now we can really lock ourselves in and focus on the Euros. We are all very excited.

He is then asked if “it’s coming home”, and replies wisely with a “you won’t catch me” “Ha-ha! We’ll see, we’ll see!”

FULL TIME: Switzerland 0-4 England

England created chances. They remained patient. They broke through. They have options. They have a good chance of doing very good at the Euro!

OBJECTIVE! Switzerland 0-4 England (Scott 90+4)

Kelly crosses from the left. Scott gets up from the penalty spot and assists a header down the right. Easy like that.

Very easy. Photography: Naomi Baker/The FA/Getty Images

90 mins +2: Parris crosses for Toone, who is faultless from six yards out. The ball is a little too high, however, and Toone can only frown on it over the bar.

90 mins +1: Nothing comes from the corner. That miss on Toone looked like a safe penalty, but given how weak the previous decision England can’t complain too much.

90 minutes: Kelly runs towards Maritz on the left, then cheekily checks inside, nibbling towards the box. Maritz knocks her down. From the free kick, Toone seems to be dejected. No penalty. The ball passes to Walsh, who shoots through a crowded area. The ball breaks wide to the left for a corner.

89 mins: This game is running out of steam.

87 minutes: Terchoun replaces Reuteler.

85 minutes: Daly wins a 50-50 aerial challenge with Maritz…even though she’s lucky to escape a booking, plowing her opponent’s back to make the connection. Daly asserts his innocence anyway, which surely pushes his luck a bit.

83 mins: A suggestion that England’s header could have hit Kelly as she headed for the net. Good luck getting it off the Chelsea striker.

81 mins: Kelly sends a high and wide screamer from a distance.

80 minutes: England continue to press. They are clearly in no mood to declare themselves.

78 minutes: Switzerland is making a few changes, to buy some time if nothing else. Rinast and Xhemali replace Aigbogun and Maendly. Meanwhile for England, Stanway is replaced by Scott.

OBJECTIVE! Switzerland 0-3 England (England 76)

Stanway becomes supplier. She hisses a flat wedge in the blender. England meet him with a header, ten yards out, sending him through a crowded box and past a blind Friedli.

Bethany England puts England out of sight.
Bethany England puts England out of sight. Photograph: Lynne Cameron/The FA/Getty Images

75 minutes: Parris replaces Hemp, who was then close to scoring with this spectacular volley. His first act is to win a corner down the right, from where…

OBJECTIVE! Switzerland 0-2 England (Stanway pen 74)

Stanway whips an unstoppable penalty into the bottom left corner. Friedli went the right way, but had no chance of stopping him.

Georgia Stanway erases the penalty.
Georgia Stanway erases the penalty. Photograph: Lynne Cameron/The FA/Getty Images

Penalty for England!

73 mins: Kelly crosses from the left. Hemp meets the falling ball and sends a pearler through Friedli and down to the left. A sensational goal is avoided by Calligaris, who hooks the ball off the line… but it’s in vain, because in the ensuing scrum, the ball hits Marti on the arm, and it’s a penalty for the England!

71 mins: Toone crosses from the left. England go the tallest and power a header up the right. Friedli reverses the bar, a superb point-blank reaction save! Nothing comes out of the resulting wedge. How is it only 0-1? !

70 minutes: Maendly swings the free kick into the mixer. England is everywhere in the shop. The ball falls on Calligaris, six meters. She doesn’t have enough time to react, the ball slamming into her, wide left. The flag is still up for offside.

69 mins: Stanway enters the book for dragging a lazy leg through Maendly. A free kick just outside the box on the left. Everyone lines up on the edge of the English penalty area.

67 mins: It’s end to end. Aigbogun crosses from the left. Sow gets to the near post and is expected to go home, but is oddly reluctant and doesn’t connect. England go up the other end and win a corner, from where Stanway finds England, who head close range.

66 mins: Humm replaces the brilliant Bachmann, who landed awkwardly on her right wrist after being challenged from behind by Bright. Sounds really painful, a potential break. Bachmann sits on the bench in tears, no doubt worried about her chances of qualifying for the Euros. It would be a huge miss.

65 minutes: Kelly whips viciously from the right. Hemp extends a leg to the furthest stick but can only guide the ball straight down Friedli’s throat.

64 mins: Switzerland suddenly looks a bit torn. Shades from last week? Hemp enters from the left and launches Kelly, who takes two one shots but connects with none. England come back, Hemp tries again on the left, and finds Kelly, whose shot is blocked.

62 mins: England is making many changes. Greenwood, Kirby, Mead and Russo are replaced by Carter, Toone, Kelly and England.

Fran Kirby breaks away.
Fran Kirby breaks away. Photograph: Lynne Cameron/The FA/Getty Images

60 minutes: Mead and Daly combine in the lower right. Daly’s low cross is met by Stanway, whose shot is blocked. England are pushing for a second in short order.

58 mins: Switzerland got tired against Germany last week. It was just 2-0 for the Germans on the hour mark; the Swiss sent five more before the end. Now that the breakthrough has been made, both teams will have that in mind.

OBJECTIVE! Switzerland 0-1 England (Russo 56)

Williamson sprays a diagonal pass to Daly on the right. Daly takes a throw-in and loops towards Russo, on the left edge of the six-yard box. With Friedli out for a walk, Russo comes back through the keeper and down the right. What a nice shot, and it’s a hell of a head!

Russo scores with a deft header to put England ahead.
Russo scores with a deft header to put England ahead. Photograph: Lynne Cameron/The FA/Getty Images

55 mins: Stanway spins sharply into the inside right channel and threatens for a second to break free in the box. Bühler blocks. But England is coming back, and…

53 mins: A promising sign: hemp is smiling. Disturbing sign: she is going to have her wrist bandaged. But she is back on the pitch soon enough and demolishes the left wing. His center for the first time is blocked and cleared.

51 mins: Hemp remains lying down after landing awkwardly on his left wrist. It looks extremely painful. The physios arrive.

Lauren Hemp receives treatment.
Lauren Hemp receives treatment. Photography: Adam Pretty/Getty Images

49 mins: England are back to their pre-break rhythm. In other words, lots of passes for little effect.

47 mins: Stanway tries to sneak through a gap that isn’t there in the lower right. But she still gets a generous free kick. Visitors charge the box. Stanway sends it serious. Hemp, running from left to right to meet the ball, sends an early effort in the general top right direction. Not far at all. An inch or two further to the left, and it’s doubtful that Friedli will make it.

England start the second half. Switzerland made two changes at the break: Walti and Crnogorcevic are replaced by Mauron and Marti.

Halftime announcement. Lily! Enjoy! Subscribe!

HALF-TIME: Switzerland 0-0 England

Both teams had their chances. But here we are.

It's all square at the break.
It’s all square at the break. Photography: Adam Pretty/Getty Images

45 mins +1: Calligaris is sent flying by Russo’s sliding tackle. It’s ankle first, ball second, and Russo gets into the book.

45 mins: Greenwood’s free kick bounces near Reuteler, who prepares to deliver a high kick but is closed off by Stanway. She is clear on purpose! But the whistle goes for a foul on Reutler, Stanway having kicked him in the air, and the hosts breathe again.

44 mins: Calligaris attempts a Cruyff turn but slips. Russo, who had been England’s keenest striker, got carried away with the ball, only to be tackled at rugby by Calligaris, who was cautioned. Free kick and chance for England to fill the box.

43 mins: England suddenly put the pedal to the ground and Stanway got a corner on the right. Greenwood sends it long. Daly is competing for it again, in a crowded six-yard penalty area. Maritz ducks and walks away. England are calling for a handball. Both of Maritz’s arms were indeed dangerously close to the ball as she leaned across her chest, but she pretty much got away with it.

41 minutes: More of the English possession. Lots of stuff, but nothing sticks in the final third.

39 mins: Bachmann slips Maendly into space in the lower left. Maendly shoots a superb ball through the English penalty area. Crnogorcevic is this close to heading home to the furthest bat, but the ball slips past his foot by a few millimeters. This cross was asking to be converted. What a ball! But that’s the goal kick.

38 mins: “They are still the worst team to play, a team that has just been completely crushed,” Emma Hayes told ITV. “Every player has pride.”