September 25, 2022

Twenty days later, at the driving range Wednesday at Edgewood Tahoe Golf Course — with the sun shining and the lake sparkling nearby — Curry found himself in a different realm. He had just completed a pro-am run alongside his father, Dell, and brother Seth. Stephen Curry looked relaxed, peaceful, calm.

But make no mistake: The NBA championship euphoria was still bouncing around him. Curry and his Golden State Warriors have come a long way, nearly nine months from the first day of training camp to the Larry O’Brien Trophy presentation on June 16.

Additionally, Curry had gone four years without rushing to win a title. So 20 days is not enough for the adrenaline to evaporate. No way.

“I’m still in an emotional race, 100%,” he said in an interview with The Chronicle. “Anytime you see a climax or someone says ‘Congratulations,’ you still have the competition juices flowing. I love that feeling. I missed it.”