Scientists classify alleged alien object presented to Mexican Congress as fraud

MEXICO CITY – The display of so-called “alien” corpses in Mexico City – first in front of lawmakers at congressional headquarters and then in front of reporters – prompted a range of comments, including ridicule and smear campaigns.

On Wednesday, voices in the scientific community squarely described the so-called “non-human” corpse as a hoax.

Mexican journalist and ufologist José Jaime Maussan Maussan served as master of ceremonies in the chamber and later the media when he showed off two boxes that, he said, contained 2017 “Dried” bodies found in Peru. He described them as “non-human creatures that are not part of our terrestrial evolution.”
The figures are the size of children’s skeletons.

“If the DNA shows us that they are not human and there is nothing similar to this in the world, then we should treat it as such; they are non-human and we don’t want to call them aliens because we don’t know,” Mexican lawmakers said on Tuesday express.

The origin of this discovery has been questioned. The alleged bodies were discovered in the Nazca Desert off the coast of Peru, which is famous for some of the mysterious giant figures carved into the earth, but despite Mosan’s attempts to disseminate the bodies, they have never been physically displayed in Peru However, he only showed the photo at one meeting.

The Peruvian prosecutor’s office in 2017 strongly concluded, based on a report by the Institute of Forensic Medicine, that the figures were “recently manufactured dolls covered with a mixture of paper and synthetic glue to simulate the presence of skin.” .

He also noted that “they were not the remains of ancient aliens as they were trying to represent” and that “to create the doll’s internal structure, animal bones were used, which were modified to create a humanoid shape.”

Now, Mexican public universities are also skeptical. Julieta Fierro, a researcher at the Institute of Astronomy at the National Autonomous University of Mexico, said the matter “makes no sense” and that as a scientist she doesn’t trust people who claim to have spoken to Our Lady of Guadalupe.

“This situation is very sad for UNAM,” he added. “Humanity is making a serious attempt to find extraterrestrial life.”

By contrast, Mosan argued that they were a thousand years old and were even dated by the National Autonomous University of Mexico through carbon-14 testing.

The lawmakers who organized the meeting in Congress themselves distanced themselves from the authenticity of the meeting. Pro-government lawmaker Sergio Gutiérrez Luna made it clear that the chamber neither endorses nor denies the arguments presented, but only intends to listen to “all voices” given the relevance of the issue.

This particular parliamentary session – which featured testimony from experts from Mexico, the United States, Japan and Brazil – comes just months after a similar meeting in the United States that drew many controversial reactions.

A former U.S. Air Force intelligence official said the United States may have been aware of “non-human” activities since the 1930s and that the government covered up such programs, although the Pentagon denies this.

Studies of mysterious flying objects often spark discussions about aliens, but in the United States, both Democratic and Republican lawmakers have pushed for more research in recent years.

They believe this is a national security issue because sightings of anomalous objects that may be linked to Washington’s adversaries have not stopped.

Mexican aviation experts also said that for safety reasons, more attention should be paid to anomalies in the airspace.

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