September 25, 2022

Do you remember watching your first rally race? Rally driving involves racing on a point-to-point format, allowing drivers to reach top speeds on both private and public roads. With top speeds, left-foot braking and plenty of adrenaline, it’s no wonder this form of motor racing is famous the world over. This sport is not for the faint of heart, that’s for sure!

Fans flock to see the latest races in person, and you can even embrace rally driving in the game realm as well. But is there a difference between rally driving in a game and driving in real life? Curious? Keep reading to learn more about rally driving and the difference between in-game simulations and precision driving. Ready, ready, go!

The history of rally driving

Before we dive into the main differences between rally driving in games and real life, let’s take a quick look at the history of the sport.

Rally driving dates back to the Concours de calèches Paris-Rouen of 1894. This competition awarded prizes to the fastest vehicles based on word of mouth from spectators, proving how far we have come in speed control. The winners of this race are Panhard et Levassor and Peugeot — a household name for some.

Fast forward to 2022, drivers can now compete in the 2022 World Rally Championship, an international event that has been supporting drivers and boosting competition for 50 years. This year’s tournament will take place in various countries, including Sweden, Croatia and Portugal.

Rally events can be found around the world, giving fans of all walks of life a chance to support local professionals. One of the most popular rallies to follow is the International Round Kurland Rally in Latvia, a rally that passes through spectacular Baltic scenery, Livonia castles and verdant countryside. Check out the races at

Ready to learn the best rally driving techniques in real life? Keep reading for the best tips.

The best rally driving techniques

Rally driving is a motorsport packed with skill and technique, but do you know the best moves drivers use in racing? Here are some notable techniques for actual driving:

The handbrake turns

One of the most well-known techniques, handbrake cornering, involves sliding the car sideways to quickly navigate a tight corner. This move can also be used to turn around within the turning radius of the vehicle.

Left foot braking

Left foot braking involves precisely what its name suggests. During this movement, drivers keep their right foot on the accelerator and the left on the brake. Unlike normal braking, the clutch is not used.

Heel and toe

Heel-toe is most common during performance riding. This technique requires the driver to operate the brake and accelerator with the right foot while using the clutch with the left foot. Drivers use this technique to downshift and brake before entering a turn.

scandinavian movie

Also known as the Finnish flick or pendulum turn, this movement is typical of rally driving. Approaching the next turn, the driver applies steering in the opposite direction of the course before descending back towards the turn. This movement allows the driver to go around bends with an increasing radius.

Rally driving in games

How does rally driving in video games compare to real-life driving?

Many users report that getting used to the physics in rally driving games can take some time. Unlike a real car scenario, rally games don’t always act as expected. This is why practice is so crucial.

However, the best rally games simulate typical rally-style moves. While playing, players can use handbrake turns and left foot braking to complete runs. This gives the game an authentic touch and helps players experience the real driving experience.

Another advantage of rally games is the wide range of driving options. Whether you want a sleek rally car or something a little different, you can get a feel for driving in different vehicles online.

The best rally games

The most famous rally games include stunning graphics, lots of cars and real techniques. Here are some of the best games to play:

  • rally art
  • dirt 2
  • WRC 7
  • Exceed
  • Sebastien Loeb Rally Evo
  • Dakar 18

Final Thoughts

Rally driving is a unique motorsport, and the gameplay options simulate the authentic driving style very well. Of course, no game will feel exactly like sitting in a car, but these options are pretty close! Will you soon experience rally driving? Good luck!