October 3, 2022

Proud Canaries, Norwich City’s official LGBT+ fan group, slammed a club tweet containing “unacceptable and unnecessary” slurs in a bid to condemn homophobic behaviour.

On Wednesday, Norwich tweeted: ‘This language is not acceptable and never will be’. This was accompanied by a wall containing homophobic slurs graffitied with some letters replaced by punctuation marks.

A number of these insults were written in full.

The tweet also contained “#Pride2022” and “#HomeforEveryone”. June is Universal Pride Month – a month dedicated to celebrating the LGBT+ community.

Norwich also produced a video accompanying the tweet, featuring the wall of graffiti all over it.

The tweet and video were widely criticized, with Proud Canaries also expressing concern.

A statement from the group to Athleticism read: “We know people often use this to describe their reactions, but we felt sick and extremely disappointed seeing the club’s posting of today’s content. Everyone we saw said it was unacceptable. This wall of abuse is unacceptable and unnecessary.

“None of us need to remember what a homophobic slur looks like or sounds like, in order to make Carrow Road a more welcoming place. It’s just the weirdest concept.

“Having three seemingly straight people talking onscreen with one gay person, against the backdrop of homophobic abuse, is simply unthinkable in any other context, be it disability, racism, misogyny or anything else.

“We will express our views directly to the club. If it’s really about making Carrow Road a home for everyone and not just ticking standard equality boxes, then there’s an opportunity for a good end of July with Norwich Pride.

“We also hope that in adopting such ideas in the future, the club will seek expert advice on how to script and present them.

“It was all pointless if they had sought such advice, whether at Stonewall, the Premier League or the EFL, the FA or closer to home, the country’s first official LGBTQ+ fan group. “

A public statement from Proud Canaries added: “Proud Canaries has been invited to participate in the project. The impression given was that the film would record an optimistic occasion with players and fans throwing rainbows of paint at a lobby wall to create an inclusive mural while discussing the negative impact of bigotry.

“Had we been made aware of the concept of a constantly visible and targeted wall of abuse, we would have strongly advised against it and viewed it as a deal breaker.

“The final cut is far from positive. Viewers, including those in our community, are subjected to the sight of a lexicon of insults – regularly used to target LGBTQ+ people – for almost the entire duration of the production. .

“This misjudgment was compounded exponentially yesterday with the launch tweet ironically stating that this language is not correct” when it was put together.

“We have asked the club to remove the film in its current form, publicly apologize and work with us, Norwich Pride and the wider fan base to make it right.”

The tweet and video remain on Norwich’s account.

A statement from Norwich read: “As always, everyone at Norwich City is proud of the club’s continued work to support diversity, equality and inclusion among our players, staff and supporters.

“Over the past few years the club has had and continues to have an extensive dialogue with its various fan groups.

“We are determined to continue our work in this area, tackling discrimination in football, supporting difficult conversations and pushing the boundaries to make Norwich City a home for all.”

(Photo: Getty Images)