October 3, 2022

Due to the speed of execution, here we will do a mix of two game ratings for the Atlanta United squad members who featured prominently over the long weekend against the New York Red Bulls and the NYCFC.

Player ratings

GK Rocco Rios Novo 5 – It wasn’t the best weekend for the young goalkeeper, especially in the second game against NYCFC where there was a clear confusion in front of goal and he was beaten again at his near post. But on the other hand, he was fascinating to watch on the ball against the New York Red Bulls and was an undeniable help to the team in that game. With new signing Raul Gudiño now available to play, I suspect Rios Novo will return to his role as a substitute. If so, he has done his job admirably.

LB Caleb Wiley 6 – Yes, he made a big mistake against the Red Bulls which lost points and probably started the slide to defeat. But apart from that he was very good in the game. And more importantly he bounced back and was one of the best players in the team in the game from the big mistake.

CB Alan Franco 5 – Similar to Wiley, Franco had a great game (Red Bulls, where he played as a centre-back in a back three) and one in which he made at least one key error that led to Taty Castellanos’ goal at the 37th minute when he made a bad decision to try to set an offside trap.

CB George Campbell 5 – Campbell struggled a bit under the pressure of Red Bull and the tight confines of Yankee Stadium. But while he wasn’t the best looking at all times, he clearly wasn’t responsible for any goals and generally did a decent job.

CB Alex De John 4 – It’s difficult because I honestly think he played very well in his game against the Red Bulls… apart from that big mistake. But to underscore the kind of thing he did well, he started Atlanta’s best attacking buildup of the weekend and possibly the season.

RB Aiden McFadden 6 – Not to rate him on a curve given his lack of first-team experience, but if I was, it would be around an 8. The guy came into the lineup without missing a beat, and the team by no means seems limited in what she wants to do with him on the pitch. A huge testament to him, and I’d expect him to sign a first-team deal in the offseason (or later this week, if that’s how they plan to add him to the roster for the rest of the season).

MC Franco Ibarra 6 – Recovered from his worst game of the season against Toronto with a professional effort against the Red Bulls. Interestingly, he wasn’t the deepest midfielder when playing as part of a true three-man midfield, which I think suited him better. It allowed him to move around and press the ball instead of having to sit and read the game. Perhaps concerning that he wasn’t in the matchday squad against NYCFC

CM Matheus Rossetto 7 – He probably didn’t expect to start both games after Emerson Hyndman was eliminated late against NYCFC, but he played his part extremely well in both games. He had only 3 incomplete passes (95%) on the tight Yankee Stadium field. And playing as the deepest midfielder against the Red Bulls, he did his job very well.

CM Amar Sejdic 6 – Did you realize that Sejdic also started these two games? Otherwise, it’s a testimonial from Sejdic, who plays a role in the team and in the 11 where if you don’t notice, that’s probably a good thing. He keeps the ball moving relatively quickly and offers enough defense to be a solid substitute when called upon.

TA Marcelino Moreno 4 – Only really played substantially in the NYCFC game and didn’t get involved much. Unlike Sejdic, a player like Moreno is a player you want to notice on the pitch, and that hasn’t happened a lot. Also telling that Pineda finally decided against using Moreno as a sub in the 60th minute against the Red Bulls, as the manager had originally planned.

TA Thiago Almada 6 – Obviously, he was only able to play in the NYCFC game, but had an instant impact on the team with his assist in Josef Martinez. It’s remarkable how strong Almada is on the ball. He doesn’t go down easily and is very capable of ignoring tackles long enough to release the ball to a free runner.

AV Ronaldo Cisneros 6 – Cisneros was only going well against Red Bulls – found himself at the end of a few chances but couldn’t convert. He gets a 6 for the assist in the final moments against NYCFC, where he did a great job of feinting and unbalancing his marking defender, allowing him to fall behind and ultimately deliver the assist to Dom Dwyer.

TA Luiz Araujo 7 – Incredibly brave effort from Araujo playing as many tough minutes as he did over the weekend, especially after being sent to hell against Toronto coming into the game which had his shin bone badly scraped and bruised. His creativity was in the spotlight and he still looks dangerous in front of goal.

AV Josef Martinez 7 – As disappointing as some aspects of the weekend were, we should all be very encouraged by the fact that Josef Martinez is scoring regularly again. And yes, while the RBNY goal was a tap, the goal scored against NYCFC looked like the Josef we know – sprinting and contorting his body in the air to make solid contact with a header in the bottom corner.

Before Dom Dwyer 8 – What more can you say about this guy? He is perfect in the work he is called upon to do.