August 13, 2022

Nine years ago, I created an anonymous Twitter account called “Made in Memphis” to talk about Memphis Grizzlies basketball. Three years ago today, after it became the most followed Grizzlies fan account in town, I told everyone who I was.

Today I say goodbye.

Looking back, Made In Memphis has been one of the most crucial parts of my identity for nearly half my life. When I started the account at 12, because my college friends were fed up with me live-tweeting Grizzlies games on my personal Twitter, I honestly believed no one would ever follow.

If I was lucky, I might have amassed a community of around 50 people to joke around with throughout the Grizzlies games. But even if I didn’t, I didn’t care. Because I was able to talk about what I liked with an audience, big or small, who wanted to listen.