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January 22, 2023

Warriors 33-28 Celtics, 9:27, second period: A few bad passes from Tatum, a couple 3s from Jordan Poole (not Peele), and the Celtics call timeout again.

Warriors 27-28 Celtics, 9:48, second period: Nobody scored for 2:12 in the period.

Warriors coach Steve Kerr is asked between periods about the key to Stephen Curry’s hot start. “He’s really good at basketball,” Kerr said. He’s most eloquent when he talks about social issues, though you can certainly say that’s as good an answer as any to Curry’s question.

Nice pass from Robert Williams III to Grant Williams on the last game of the quarter:

End of first period: Warriors 27-28 Celtics

Could we envision an epic showdown between an older star and a younger star? Curry and Tatum each have 12 points. And three rebounds. And two assists. And a fault. Mirrors.

Grant Williams provides the final margin in the first quarter with a 3-pointer from the corner, and the Celtics are back in front.

Warriors 23-22 Celtics, 56.6 seconds, first period: The timeout must have worked. Plus, Curry might be a little overconfident now, throwing a timeout shot that would impress an NFL bettor. Not good. Brown takes a shot and Williams calls a check to cut that lead.

Stephen Curry passes Jayson Tatum.
Stephen Curry passes Jayson Tatum. Photograph: Kyle Terada/USA Today Sports

Warriors 23-18 Celtics, 2:01, first period: Remember when the Warriors didn’t hit any 3s? They are no longer missing. Curry hits two in less than a minute, and a suddenly shocked Boston team calls a timeout.

Warriors 15-16 Celtics, 3:25, first period: Boston dominated and only leads by one. Very strange. Wiggins does the damage here with another 3-point patient.

And what a shock. ABC/ESPN’s Jeff Van Gundy complains about referees. I would love to see him come to the football games I’m refereeing tomorrow – I haven’t used my cards in a while.

Warriors 12-16 Celtics, 4:18, first period: It’s a bit sloppy now. Curry kicks the ball off Horford’s leg to keep possession. Then Draymond Green commits his second fault, to the delight of the public.

Warriors 12-14 Celtics, 4:53, first period: Gotta love swings in basketball. A scramble leaves Wiggins wide open for a 3-pointer, and we’re tied. Tatum responds with a jumper. He already has nine points.

Warriors 9-12 Celtics, 5:46, first period: Klay Thompson breaks the Warriors’ 3-point drought with a quick release on good screen, and the lead is cut in half.

Looney must have been motivated by the bench, as he cleans the glass from both sides.

Shooting percentages: Boston 50.0%, Golden State 22.2%. Oops.

Warriors 6-12 Celtics, 6:41, first period: Well, that didn’t last long. Porter out, Looney in. Looney immediately picks up an offensive rebound. And an offensive foul.

Tatum is called for an offensive foul at the other end, hitting Wiggins after losing control at the top of the lane. Free time.

Warriors 4-11 Celtics, 9:15 a.m., first period: Curry responds with two free throws after a foul from Marcus Smart, who follows up with an ill-advised pass to Al Horford on the baseline.

Then Smart wakes up with two quick assists for Tatum, who drains two 3-pointers sandwiching a Robert Williams III block on Curry.

Warriors 2-3 Celtics, 10:56, first period: Oh oh. Stephen Curry has already landed his first foul, a free kick on Jayson Tatum.

And we go…

And my TV too. Small hitch. Look on the laptop for starters, though.

Should we just accept at this point that people will sing “per-o-lous” in the national anthem?

Good rendering though.

Tipoff is imminent.

And… the “Warriors come out to play” line was just quoted in the ESPN pregame. Now I feel so derivative.

Membership change for the Warriors tonight, with Otto Porter Jr. replacing Kevon Looney.

This decision has been met with some skepticism:

The last departure of Otto Porter Jr?

The Warriors were down 22 points against the Celtics in mid-March.

—Keith Smith (@KeithSmithNBA) June 11, 2022

As we approach 20 minutes before the time the pregame will end and the second pregame will begin (why can’t American sporting events just start on time?), here’s a reminder that you can email me with your thoughts on the action. I could even check what was tweeted my way: @duresport.

Boston's Grant Williams laughs with Golden State's Andre Iguodala during pregame warmups.
Boston’s Grant Williams laughs with Golden State’s Andre Iguodala during pregame warmups. Photography: Steven Senne/AP

Speaking of polarizing people, Stephen A. Smith isn’t on ESPN’s pregame show because he’s attending his daughter’s graduation. They manage to carry on and scream without him. (In their defense, the Garden is loud enough already.)

Draymond Green is not liked:

He also had a disastrous Game 3.

Warrrriors… get out for plaaaay…

(OK, I’m probably the 5,000th person to make this reference, but it’s still a good reference.)

Game 4. The winner has the advantage in the series. Either the Celtics go up 3-1 or the Warriors tie the series with two games left at home (Games 5 and 7).

Beau will be here shortly. In the meantime, here’s Tom Kludt’s return to Game 3.

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