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January 31, 2023

Since the team’s troubled first event of 2022 in Bahrain, where both McLaren drivers finished outside the top 10, Norris has scored points in every race except Miami, where he had a collision with Pierre Gasly.

Norris says the car has been good at most circuits, although he still has some concerns about some particular types of corners and some upcoming circuits where the current car’s predecessor struggled last year.

“I think there are slightly more difficult areas,” Norris said. “I want to believe that in general we probably improved the car on average on all tracks.

“I think there are still a few where we haven’t been where we struggled a lot last season, and I think they’re different in terms of characteristics from anyone we’ve had. So places like Zandvoort, and things like that.

“We haven’t explored the full range of corner types and tracks etc. yet. But I want to believe and I think I have some confidence in saying that we have improved the car in most of those areas. And what we need now is in general a complete upgrade of the package, I think.

Daniel Ricciardo, McLaren MCL36

Daniel Ricciardo, McLaren MCL36

While much of the attention this year has been on Daniel Ricciardo’s struggles to adapt to the new car, Norris says he’s had his own issues trying to adapt.

He hopes that some upcoming updates will help make the car more suitable for him.

“He behaves reasonably well,” he said. “But there are definitely types of characteristics where personally, as a driver, I always want more from the car, and it’s just hard to go in that direction.

“I think what Daniel and I want from the car is quite similar, but there are definitely differences in certain driving styles and other things, and I sometimes skew my car more one way than he wants. do.

“It’s also a personal question of how I want to drive the car. And I think there’s a good lap time to go in that direction. But that’s just a hard thing to improve on, especially from race to race.

“But I think over the next few races and the next few months, and hopefully when we can bring a few more things to the car, then we can move in that direction.”

Asked about the team’s place in the pecking order, Norris said the midfielder was too close to make a final call.

“I think we’ve always been good, especially since Bahrain, maybe not in Bahrain. But since then we’ve just had a package that works properly on every track, which is always a good thing, to be there every time. , and be in the points.

“I think we were probably ahead of Mercedes in Monaco. So around the third, fourth, fifth, maybe sixth area, but I think it’s a tight group. So as long as we’re up front, I’ll be happy.”

Lando Norris, McLaren

Lando Norris, McLaren

Photo by: Carl Bingham / Motorsport Images

Norris said he is confident the car will be competitive in Baku this weekend.

“I would say yes, right next to what we’ve been doing lately this year,” he noted. “Barcelona was a decent race, could have been a bit better, and Monaco was a good weekend for us.

“A lot can happen here, and there are always unexpected people on the podium and stuff like that. So as long as we’re in that position and we’re there at the end of the race to potentially be in that position, then that’s the goal.”

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Regarding what he needed from a car in Baku, he said: “Straight line speed is always a good thing! I think you need a car that gives you good confidence, like always, especially with braking, in braking there is always a good time to be found.”

“It’s always the atmosphere of street circuits, so there is less room for error than on normal circuits.

“So to be able to position the car where you want, to be able to brake the way you want, you need that confidence in the car to be able to find the limits and gradually find the walls and things like that, and use all the track So just a good car, with good confidence.

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