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LDLN (Lumières dans la Nuit) is undoubtedly the most famous magazine in France. The oldest magazine is also a survivor born in 1958. The much younger syndicated magazine Logosphères was born in 2016 from the wishes of a small group of OVNI-Languedoc members.

OVNI-Languedoc is a French association specializing in ufological research, founded in 2003 at the initiative of Bruno Bousquet and myself.

In addition to investigations of contact with eyewitnesses, we also have an informational component: we give lectures within the framework of UFO conferences at UFO-Languedoc(1) or the annual congress in Montpellier, southern France, where we use Media Regarding television communication(1), we publish articles in various magazines or books, such as OVNI en Méditerranée(1) published in 2021…292529230_990185888347518_5704600533141811621_n

Each person in an associated group has one or more clearly defined roles. Logosphères has an editorial board: those responsible for verifying articles for publication and making corrections when necessary include James, Jacques Olivier, Vincent Quesnel and Thierry Gaulin. James (pseudonym) is a retired senior scientist who wishes to keep his identity confidential.

292657734_1995037214037617_2926915023906055929_nlogo sphere We are also lucky to have an extraordinary graphic designer, Laurent Morlieras. Their work means the magazine continues to evolve, both in PDF and paper format.

The paper version is reserved for a privileged few: OVNI-Languedoc members, article authors and old friends.292728762_5220725178039967_3944475379813606338_n

logo sphere It’s a Velasquez mirror: reading the magazine, you can see a reflection of what is most important to the group, our main activities, our “DNA”.

We also have a group of experienced researchers, the trustworthy Philippe Pelissier, Martine Perez, Thierry Puech, Vincent Quesnel, Laurent Voinot… there are more than a dozen of them, and with them are novices who have just started to study difficult problems. Work. Despite being president of the association, I often enter the field as a simple researcher.


logo sphere Publish our findings. This can take two forms. This starts with a full and complete disclosure of the work done: the process, documents obtained, people or institutions contacted, assumptions, etc. When a mystery is discovered, a solution must be added to the puzzle.When we are short of space and pages we will place a link to our website (see logo sphere 16, pp. 6 to 15).293508373_382950637271426_3562851297431424908_n

The second is presented in the form of an abstract, a synthesis, an article of only two or three pages, and some documentation (see logo sphere 12, pages 22 and 23).

the page logo sphere They remain open to foreign authors from the association. We work with a number of UFO research groups. Their approach to the UFO phenomenon is more or less similar to ours, although none of them is as committed to the field as UFO-Languedoc.

292610548_505478434671124_1943952155203959534_nGilles Thomas’s TV ODH television website has stated its mission as documenting “memories of French ufology”. We can rely on another medium, perhaps the planet and its “patron” Pascal Fechner. SCEAU-Archives OVNI (Jacques Scornaux, Thierry Rocher, Gilles Durand…) is dedicated to preserving the posthumous archives of ufologists.

We are in contact with several ufologists, either in Spain or around the world. For example, in Spain, Juan Ballester Olmos sent us two articles.They published in logo sphere 10th and 12th. Fernando Domínguez, a young ufologist, sent us another article, which appears in Issue 7. This is the first Spanish article published in our magazine. We are also in contact with Rosario Fuentes Liébana, with whom I have broadcast, and now we start working with Manu Carballal, critical eye.european oil company

Hispanic Venezuelan Pierre Monteagudo Consoni publishes the Hector R. Rojas profile in Issue 8. The famous British ufologist Philip Mantle sent us several articles (logo sphere 14…).

French ufologists and authors also participated and continue to participate logo sphere : Thibaut Canuti, Geneviève Béduneau… Issue 17 will feature an article by Gilles Thomas d’ODH TV. Of course, it is impossible to mention everyone, whether in France or in other countries.

Each time they are in-depth articles on very specific and specific topics, always related to the UFO phenomenon, but every now and then you can also find some reviews of published books or reports of the first UFO Short Film Festival and events that took place last year Science fiction in Montpellier (Peyrols). The festival is organized by actor and OVNI-Languedoc member Henri Cohen.

Now, if anyone wants to venture out and read our magazine, here is the link: https://www.ovni-languedoc.com/logospheres/

Thierry Gaulin


(1) French: les Rencontres ufologiques d’OVNI-Languedoc, les RUOL.

(1) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n76PcRw-lWw

(1) https://www.amazon.es/VNI-Méditerranée-Cahiers-Fortéens/dp/2380140367/ref=sr_1_1?__mk_es_ES=ÅMÅŽÕÑ&crid=1KB83AMIUJL3O&keywords=thierry+gaulin&qid=1653845693&sprefix=thierry +gaulin %2uppercase%2C186&sr= 8 -1

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