September 25, 2022

Last year, a relatively small Italian team made waves far beyond their hometown. Newly promoted Venezia FC turned heads after unveiling their home and away kits. Both shirts, designed alongside Kappa, blended traditional black, green and orange in innovative new designs, celebrating the club and its world-renowned hometown.

The shirts and the way they were unveiled led to Venezia FC being dubbed ‘the coolest club in the world’. “It’s a bit uncomfortable when it’s thrown,” says New York-born club marketing director Ted Philipakos, “We don’t want people to think that was our goal because it wasn’t the case.”

Instead, the kits were part of a larger goal, helping to recontextualise the club within Italian football. “We are simply looking to represent the club and the city with real importance, which should not be conditional on whether we win or lose games,” continues Philipakos.

“The club has a 114 year history, and it has had its ups and downs across divisions, but it should always be a source of pride and something to rally around. All details are out of respect and service. of this assignment.”

The latest evolution of this mission has been a partnership with the renowned cultural consultancy Bureau Borsche. Venezia FC recently worked with the agency to launch a full rebrand – including an updated version of their crest – and also brought them on board to design their kits for the 2022-23 season.

Venezia 22-23 Home Kit

Venezia F.C.

The decision to collaborate with Bureau Borsche – which has worked on projects for Supreme, Balenciaga and Nike – began after the company signed on to design an identity for the Venice pavilion at the 2019 Venice Biennale.

“[It] was a modern take on the Lion of St. Mark, the symbol of Venice and Venezia FC,” says Philipakos, “so they had all the context you would need to approach this project with Venezia.”

For Philipakos, and Venezia more broadly, the work alongside Bureau Borsche has relied on the values ​​shared at the heart of the club.

“We both care deeply about history, tradition, and community, so we were on the same page when it came to the importance of research and attention to detail,” he adds. he. “The outgoing crest was outdated. It wasn’t popular with our local fans, it wasn’t in line with the club’s heritage, and it wasn’t in line with the changing aesthetics of the club or modern design in general. Now our new identity checks all those boxes.”

The relaunched badge – a central element of Bureau Borsche’s new branding for the club – has helped strengthen the bond between Venezia FC and the city of Venice, highlighting some key characteristics of the city.

“The return of the winged lion to its original gold, as it had almost always been throughout the club’s 114-year history, was very significant,” says Philipakos. “And the abstract wing serving as a reference to the iron bow of the Venetian gondola was a smart touch. Overall, the new identity has been extremely well received in Venice.”

Venezia Home Shirt 22-23

Venezia F.C.

The final step in the collaboration between Venezia and Bureau Borsche is the design of the team’s 2022-23 kits. It started with a training range, unveiled alongside the rebranding, and has now extended to the club’s home kit. In many ways, the kit design – alongside technical partners Kappa – is an embodiment of Philipakos’ vision for Venezia, helping to update the club by celebrating its heritage and deepening ties with its hometown.

“Drawing inspiration from the aesthetics of the 1990s, which was an important era in the club’s history, we wanted to give a contemporary update to a vintage look, mixing past and present,” he explains. “So we featured long sleeves and collars in the collection, and the home shirt taping is also a traditional element, but it came together with a very clean modern look, which should be relevant on and off the ground.

“The home shirt is adorned with gold embellishments which add a touch of significance to the shirt, while the gold also has historical significance to the city and the club and always goes very well with orange, black and green. Club’s traditions. Bureau Borsche and Kappa were excellent partners on the project, in design and production respectively.”

Prices and how to buy the Venezia 2022-23 kit

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