In Video: Las Vegas family says aliens crashed in their yard

LAS VEGAS, Nevada – A Las Vegas family called 911 in April to report that an object fell from the sky, including two giant “aliens” with glowing eyes, in their backyard.

Las Vegas police released body camera video documenting the incident.

The family said they saw two “non-human” creatures next to the object.

Several people previously reported seeing unidentified objects in the skies over California, Nevada and Utah. The 911 caller said there were two bodies 8 to 10 feet tall next to the object.

The man said he was “100 percent sure” they were not human and that they had “glowing eyes.”

When police arrived, one officer was heard saying he had “cold arms.” Another police officer’s camera captured the moment a green flash streaked across the sky.

Investigators said it’s possible something crashed into the yard, 8 News Now reported. It’s unclear who or what was inside the object.

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