August 16, 2022

In the previous two frustrating years, during the NBA playoffs, Klay Thompson would turn to his roommate and ask him to please turn off the television.

“Go watch it in your room,” Klay would tell his older brother, Mychel.

“It killed me not to be there,” Klay said. “It was really hard to watch and think, ‘I swear, at full power, we’re as good if not better than those teams. “”

But now, in the NBA Finals, the Thompson brothers are in the same room. Participate, not watch. Klay is almost at full strength after two devastating injuries. And Mychel is officially a staff member of the Golden State Warriors.

Mychel, 34, who has been on the team for years, was quietly added to the Warriors coaching/player development staff about a month into the regular season and is learning the ropes.

As well as launching his coaching career, Mychel was a constant source of support for his younger brother through more than 30 months of brutal rehabilitation.