October 5, 2022

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Thank you for following the CONCACAF NATIONS LEAGUE game between Mexico and Suriname.

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Flores’ shot takes too long and hits the defense.

23:44 18 hours ago


Add 4 more minutes.

23:29 18 hours ago


Lainez leaves and Marcelo Flores enters, Mexico changes.

23:19 18 hours ago


No room for Lainez, who had already poorly defined it.

23:09 18 hours ago


From Lainez to Romo, but the Cruz Azul player can’t manage to control well inside the box.

22:59 19 hours ago


Pinas, from Suriname, has been warned.

22:54 19 hours ago


Lainez’s low, placed shot was blocked by the goalkeeper.

22:49 19 hours ago


Córdoba with a deflected shot at half distance, even if it will be a corner.

22:44 19 hours ago


Hilterman in and Donk out, Suriname change.

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The second half begins between Mexico and Suriname.

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half time

Mexico 2-0 Suriname.

22:24 19 hours ago


Acevedo has to lie down to save his goal from a free kick.

22:09 19 hours ago


Lainez falls in the box and the referee awarded a penalty.

22:04 19 hours ago


Chavez’s direct free kick goes over the goal.

21:59 20 hours ago


Lainez inside the surface does not go there with so much determination and misses the second.

21:54 20 hours ago


Aguirre’s shot is deflected by the defense and ends up in a corner.

21:49 20 hours ago


The match is stopped and it’s time for rehydration at TSM Corona.

21:44 20 hours ago


Jesus Angulo is booked for Mexico.

21:39 20 hours ago


Chávez’s left-footed shot hits the barrier. Then Martín’s floating header is stopped by the goalkeeper.

21:34 20 hours ago


Laine with a long shot that the goalkeeper catches at the near post without major problems.

21:29 20 hours ago


Aguirre with a mid-range shot that goes over the goal.

21:24 20 hours ago


Julián Araujo has been cautioned by Mexico.

21:19 20 hours ago


Lainez’s shot is blocked by the Surinamese goalkeeper.

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The game between Mexico and Suriname is on.

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The national anthems of Mexico and Suriname can be heard at TSM Corona.

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Minutes away

We are minutes away from the start of the CONCACAF Nations League match between Mexico and Suriname.

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Will defend the arc at home

20:44 21 hours ago

Mexico substitutes

20:39 21 hours ago

Suriname Substitutes

20:34 21 hours ago

XI Suriname

1 Warner Hahn, 19 Shaquille Pinas, 12 Myenty Abena, 5 Ridgeciano Haps, 18 Kelvin Leerdam, 14 Yanic Wildschut, 4 Dion Malone, 17 Roscello Vlijter, 15 Ryan Donk, 21 Diego Biseswar, 11 Leandro Kappel.

20:29 21 hours ago

XI Mexico

1 Carlos Acevedo, 5 Julián Araujo, 15 Israel Reyes, 3 Jesús Angulo, 19 Érick Aguirre, 14 Luis Chávez, 8 Francisco Córdova, 20 Rodolfo Pizarro, 21 Henry Martín, 11 Diego Lainez, 7 Luís Romo.

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They are not regular

20:19 21 hours ago

They arrived

20:14 21 hours ago

How is the Group doing?

With only Mexico’s opener, Jamaica leads the sector with four points, followed by Suriname with two, reminding them that they have already played their games against each other.

20:09 21 hours ago

For a place in Qatar

Many players in this call-up are not considered to go to the World Cup, however, this will be one of the last chances to convince Tata and qualify for the final 26-man roster.

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Mexico are making their UEFA Nations League debut and will be looking to get off to a good start when they face Suriname in the UEFA Nations League. We start with coverage of the match by VAVEL.

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Tune in here Mexico vs Suriname Live Score in CONCACAF Nations League 2022

Don’t miss any match details with live updates and commentary from VAVEL. Follow with us all the details, comments, analysis and lineups for this Match Mexico vs Suriname for CONCACAF Nations League 2022.

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What time is the Mexico vs Suriname match for the 2022 CONCACAF Nations League?

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Last matches

This is the first time that these two teams will meet in official competition, recalling that the return match will be paid for by Mexico until 2023, once the World Cup is over.

19:44 a day ago

Key Player Suriname

Despite the absence of goals for the French team, Warner Hahn should have a busy night under the three posts and his saves could be key to keeping most of the game tight on the scoreboard.

19:34 a day ago

Last composition Suriname

1 Warner Hahn, 4 Dion Malone, 19 Shaquille Pinas, 12 Myenty Abena, 5 Ridgeciano Haps, 18 Kelvin Leerdam, 7 Florian Jozefzoon, 11 Leandro Kappel, 17 Roscello Vlijter, 14 Yanic Wildschut, 21 Diego Biseswar.

19:29 a day ago

Last composition Mexico

13 Guillermo Ochoa, 15 Hector Moreno, 2 Nestor Araujo, 23 Jesus Gallardo, 6 Jorge Sanchez, 16 Hector Herrera, 18 Andres Guardado, 30 Fernando Beltran, 9 Raul Jimenez, 10 Alexis Vega, 17 Jesus Manuel Corona.

19:24 a day ago

Suriname: little to lose

This type of clashes favor nations like Suriname who know they are completely inferior, but in case they take advantage of the opponent’s synergy and it is a good defensive match for them, they could get a positive result that generates an echo in this part of the world.

19:19 a day ago

Mexico’s call-up list for the CONCACAF Nations League

19:14 a day ago

And Mexico?

Despite the fact that “Tata” has more than 70% efficiency with the Habs, the national team’s level of football over the past year has gone down and he has not found a way to save it and, worse still, there were some of the results such as the lost final against the United States or this last defeat against the Garra Charrúa, which cast doubt on the continuity of the coach by the press and some media; However, both Yon de Luisa and the coach himself have expressed their wish that the whole project will continue as it is, at least until Qatar 2022.

19:09 a day ago

Mexico: regaining confidence

Mexico’s national team is not looking well for the next World Cup, five months away, where they still haven’t come up with a clear footballing idea and alarm bells are ringing after the 3-0 thrashing against Uruguay and the 0-0 draw. against Ecuador. Now, Gerardo Martino’s side will try to regain their confidence with wins, preferably wide against inferior teams in the Concacaf zone, now in this Nations League tournament.

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