September 25, 2022

23:58 A man hour ago


It’s finish! Haiti defeats Mexico in its second game of the pre-World Cup.

23:56 A man hour ago


Shot from Cervantes, but the goalkeeper keeps the ball.

23:53 A man hour ago


What a game Montoya was putting up, but the defense ended up taking the ball from him.

23:47 A man hour ago


Good save from Alvarado after the dangerous shot from Louise.

23:44 an hour ago


Goalkeeper! Nice save from Ambroise after the dangerous race in Mexico.

23:38 A man hour ago


Goal, goal, goal for Haiti! Free kick cannonball Jeudy and the ball goes into the net.

23:37 A man hour ago


He’s leaving! After checking the VAR, the referee ejects Espinoza from the match.

23:34 2 hours ago


Cross from the mayor, but the ball ends up crossing the baseline.

23:33 2 hours ago


Goal, goal, goal for Haiti! Mondesir scored from the penalty spot to increase the lead on the scoreboard.

23:28 2 hours ago


Goal, goal, goal for Haiti! Mondesir scored from the penalty spot to increase the lead on the scoreboard.

23:26 2 hours ago


Penalty for Mexico! Emily Alvarado brings down Borgella and the penalty is awarded.

23:25 2 hours ago


Cambio de Mexico. Ovalle replaces Martinez.

23:22 2 hours ago


Martinez tries to shoot dangerously on goal, but the ball misses.

23:16 2 hours ago


Robles hands the ball to Robles, but the Haitian defense ends up preventing him from making his shot.

23:07 2 hours ago


Mexico is changing. Cervantes replaces Delgadillo.

23:05 2 hours ago


The action resumes and the second half is played at the BBVA.

22:51 2 hours ago


The first half is over, Haiti win by minimum.

22:48 2 hours ago


Good intervention from Robles, who ends up avoiding the dangerous game of Haiti.

22:40 2 hours ago


Sanchez counterattacked, but the ball ended up flying away.

22:31 3 hours ago


Still no! The referee signals the offside and disallows Haiti’s second.

22:30 3 hours ago


Goal, goal, goal for Haiti! Borgella appears inside the box and sends a deadly head for the second.

22:25 3 hours ago


Mexico tries, but fails to generate danger in the Haiti area.

22:16 3 hours ago


Goal, goal, goal for Haiti! Borgella scores from the penalty spot.

22:14 3 hours ago


Penalty for Haiti! The mayor knocks Louis down in the box and the penalty is awarded.

22:09 3 hours ago


The first minutes were quite busy in Monterrey. Both teams are looking

22:01 3 hours ago


The action begins at the BBVA stadium.

21:58 3 hours ago

Mexico: programming

E. Alvarado; J. Lopez, R. Bernal, G. Espinoza, K. Robles; M. Sánchez, A. Delgado, S. Mayor, M. Delgadillo; D. Garcia, K. Martinez.

21:57 3 hours ago

Haiti: LineUp

N. Ambrose; C. Supris, C. Constant, K. Louis, R. Mathurin; N. Mondesir, J. Limage, S. Jeudy, B. Louis; M. Dumomay, R. Borgella.

21:52 3 hours ago

To the court

Both teams take to the field and warm up before the start of this important match.

21:47 3 hours ago


Haiti has already arrived at the stadium, the team will be looking for its first victory in this women’s pre-world cup.

21:42 3 hours ago


The Mexican national team, led by Monica Vergara, is already at the BBVA, tonight they will seek their first three points.

21:37 4 hours ago

They are starting to arrive!

The supporters are present before the start of the match, what entry we see that there will be at the BBVA, all the support for this second match.

21:32 4 hours ago

Startup Concerns

The Mexican women didn’t get off to a good start, despite putting on a good show before this tournament, they have negative numbers going into this second game.

21:27 4 hours ago

Statements from Mexico

Mexico player Stephany Mayor spoke before the match: “We are focused on the game, mathematically winning both matches we are on the other side, focused, we know it’s not over, it’s the first game, one goal down, there is a lot to give, the team is more than ready, we have to leave behind the game against Jamaica, we can’t change anything, the next one is the most important and it’s the one we and the technical staff are concentrating on. We know we’ll get through this and we’ll be at 100%, mentally and physically for tomorrow.

21:22 4 hours ago

Watch out for this player

Haiti need to pay special attention to Katty Martinez, the striker will be looking to score goals and beat Haiti to get their first three points.

21:12 4 hours ago

We are back!

We’re back for minute-by-minute coverage of the match between Haiti and Mexico Femenil, which will take place at BBVA. We’ll be sharing confirmed rosters with you shortly, along with the most relevant information about each team.

21:07 4 hours ago

Stay tuned for live coverage of Haiti Femenil vs. Mexico Femenil

In a few moments, we’ll share with you the starting lineups for Haiti Women vs Mexico Women Live, as well as the latest information from BBVA Stadium. Stay tuned for up-to-the-minute live coverage of the match on VAVEL.

21:02 4 hours ago

How to watch Haiti vs Mexico live on TV and online?

20:57 4 hours ago

What time is the Haiti Women vs Mexico Women match of the 2nd day of the CONCACAF Women’s Pre-World Cup?

20:52 4 hours ago

Mexican Women’s Statements

Monique VergaraMexico Women’s coach, said before the game: “We’re going to have better ball handling, we’ll be able to see the team play together, a better finishing area with a lot more aggression. Defensively, something that characterizes this team is their pressure in the face of a defeat. You are going to see this Mexican team fight again, as Mexicans, because we are very resistant, it is something that we have in our culture and it is something something that this generation embodied.

“With the attitude and the thirst to go out and show what each of them brings to the team and I am convinced that this generation will not go unnoticed. A result cannot mark a whole process”.

“I am calm, we know that we have a very complicated team in front of us, we knew that we had three opponents who were going to be very strong because we are all working to be able to be in a World Cup, in an Olympic Games. There will be no easy match, we are going to war, we have to exhaust all the resources we have to be able to stay alive here and that is what I hope I have full confidence that we we have been working on and in the players”.

“We got a bit of cold water, but it’s okay, it was just a crash, we’re ready, we’re back to basics. You’re going to see a much more complete team. We’re going to have better ball handling, with more aggression and defense to get the ball when we lose; we will fight, we are very resilient because of our culture.”

“What we have to take into account about these opponents is that they have fast and strong players, that marking in attack has to be very important so that we are ready for those balls that they will want to put at us. in the back”.

“We are ready, we already had the scenarios that could have surprised us, we are working, improving the details that needed to be fine-tuned, we still have a day of work and tomorrow it is mental work to be super ready and enter the next game against Haiti 100%”.

20:47 4 hours ago

How does Haiti Women arrive?

20:42 4 hours ago

How does Mexico Women arrive?

20:37 5 hours ago

The match will be played at the BBVA stadium.

The Haiti Women vs Mexico Women match will be played at BBVA Stadium located in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon. The stadium has a capacity of 51,000 people.

20:32 5 hours ago

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