Former U.S. intelligence official says government has alien spacecraft

WASHINGTON – U.S. authorities are in possession of the remains of an alien spacecraft and its passengers, a former U.S. government intelligence official told a congressional subcommittee on Wednesday.

The explosive remarks were made by former U.S. Air Force officer David Grush during testimony before a congressional subcommittee investigating pilot sightings of UFOs.

The subcommittee asked the government to report data it has on UFOs after hearing statements from former Army members who claimed to have seen the objects and said authorities preserved evidence of them .

Three retired military personnel assured that U.S. authorities have for decades viewed U.S. airspace as a threat to national security, regardless of its origin.

They all testified before a House subcommittee investigating so-called “unidentified anomalies,” or UFOs.

Given the large number of witnesses, in many cases military and civilian pilots, subcommittee members asked the government to establish a “transparent and secure” system for reporting these incidents to authorities without damaging the reputation of witnesses.

The most relevant testimony was that of former U.S. Air Force intelligence officer David Grusch, who stated that U.S. authorities were in possession of the remains of two extraterrestrial ships and their passengers.

The 510 objects include 144 previously reported objects and 366 new objects. After analyzing both cases, it was determined that most displayed “generic characteristics” that could be described as unmanned aerial systems or balloon-like objects, the document said.

Grusch also noted that the United States has a program to study so-called alien technology and attempt to replicate it through so-called reverse engineering.

The former intelligence official repeatedly declined to provide specific details when asked by members of Congress because it was classified information, and he also said that some personnel working with this alien technology have been injured in accidents while trying to manipulate captured equipment. .

Lieutenant Ryan Graves, a former U.S. Navy F-18 fighter pilot, noted in his opening remarks that “if the UFOs are foreign drones, then they are a pressing national security issue.”

Graves added that if UFOs are not of human origin, “it is a scientific question. Regardless, UFOs are an issue for aviation safety.”

Another witness, retired Navy pilot Lt. Col. David Fravor, testified that in 2004 he witnessed a UFO in the shape of a “tic tac,” a very unusual flying object. The popular American candy, which looks like a pill, has a state of flight capability not possible with American technology.

Graves said that if the U.S. had such technology, “it would need to be overseen by lawmakers,” who would have to decide what is in the best interests of Americans.

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