August 12, 2022

Inside the roundup: Cem Bolukbasi’s father has had his credentials for the Silverstone round withdrawn following a ‘brawl’ with Roy Nissany’s team.

In short

Bolukbasi fined after father’s altercation with DAMS team

Formula 2 driver and former F1 Esports competitor Cem Bolukbasi has been fined €5,000 (£4,268) and his father, Yavuz Bolukbasi, banned from the paddock for one round following a “minor fight” which took place after Sunday’s race in Baku.

Bolukbasi retired from the race following a collision with DAMS driver Roy Nissany. Bolukbasi’s father then confronted Nissany at his team’s garage. The situation degenerated into a physical fight, which the stewards took a dim view of.

“After an on-track incident between cars 16 (Nissany) and 23 (Bolukbasi), the father of the driver of car 23, Mr. Yavuz Bolukbasi, together with the drivers’ manager went to the DAMS paddock tent”, explained the commissioners.

“Mr. Bolukbasi admitted that he had lost his temper thinking that the driver of car 16 had made a disparaging comment about his son. At the DAMS tent, Mr. Bolukbasi provoked a heated verbal exchange with the driver of car 16. As the verbal exchange escalated, Roy Nissany’s coach got involved and there was pushing and physical contact between the father and the coach ( Francesco) No punches were exchanged and unwanted guests were removed from the area.

“At no time will physical violence, nor the threat of it, be tolerated. In accordance with art. 9.15.1 Competitors are responsible for all acts of persons to whom they have granted access to reserved areas. The threat of violence and the actual minor fight that took place on Mr. Bolukbasi’s initiative is considered a violation of ISC 12.2.1(c).

As a result, the driver is fined and the offender is punished.

Stoppage caused by vibration

Lance Stroll’s retirement from the Azerbaijan Grand Prix was caused by an unidentified vibration, he said after the race.

“It’s a shame we had to give up the car,” Stroll said. “The engineers could see that the car was suffering from a vibration problem, so they asked me to remove the car. We still don’t know exactly what the problem was, so we will have to work over the next week to investigate and resolve issues.

Sebastian Vettel recorded the team’s best result of the season so far with a sixth-place finish. “Sebastian has proven our car has the pace so hopefully we can come back stronger for my home race in Canada next week,” added Stroll.

Toyota takes fifth straight Le Mans victory

Former Toro Rosso drivers Brendon Hartley and Sebastien Buemi shared the Le Mans victory for Toyota with Super Formula driver Ryo Hirakawa, a newcomer to the team. The number eight Toyota hypercar finished more than two minutes ahead of the team’s sister car. This is Buemi’s fourth victory at Le Mans and Hartley’s third.

All five hypercar entries finished the race, with the Glickenhaus entries taking third and fourth place, five and ten laps behind the lead Toyota, respectively.

Buemi’s other Formula E champion, Antonio Felix da Costa, and former Marussia driver Will Stevens took LMP2 honors with teammate Roberto Gonzalez. They battled for much of the race with former Williams driver and Alfa Romeo reserve Robert Kubica and former Formula 2 driver and Haas reserve Louis Deletraz, who finished second in class alongside his amateur teammate Lorenzo Colombo.

VIPs ‘really push’ before crash losing race – Hauger

Formula 2 race winner Dennis Hauger suspects the pressure he was putting on fellow Red Bull junior Jüri Vips caused his crash while leading yesterday’s race.

“I really tried to keep the pressure on Jüri and on the lap he crashed I put a purple sector,” Hauger said after the race. “I really wanted to take the step to be right behind him before the straight, but then he maybe got stressed or something.”

“He was really pushing, so obviously with the small margins it can happen. I’m glad we kept it clean and finally won our first long distance race.

Vips apologized for their mistake in a social media post. “Sorry to my team and everyone supporting me,” he said. “Bad, that shouldn’t happen.”