Experts say aliens are more similar to amoebas than humans

MEXICO – Eva Villaver, director of the Space and Society Office of the Spanish Space Agency, said in Mexico on Sunday that life outside the earth has little similarity with the “aliens” in our impression, and is more similar to amoeba. .

Speaking at the closing session of the International Colloquium on Astronomy, Universe and Society at the Mexican International Book Fair (FIL) in Guadalajara on Sunday, the astrophysicist said that life on another planet may well still be possible. Not to a macro level. We know that on Earth.

“Perhaps we find that life there is more ameba-like than ours, because if we look at life on our planet, most of it is microscopic, macroscopic organisms that emerged very late in Earth’s history,” he explained.

So “it says a lot” to think that scientists can find creatures similar to us that are intelligent and detectable with the technology available to date, he thinks.

The scientist was invited to take part in the symposium, which is part of FIL Ciencia and brings together physicists, astrophysicists, astronomers and students from several countries.

Speaking at the conference “Where does it all come from?” Villaver was convinced that believing that “aliens” are similar to humans, have eyes and a certain degree of intelligence “is a lack of imagination” because life can take many forms.

A panicked family called 911 after an object allegedly fell from the sky containing two large “aliens” with glowing eyes.

The science communicator said there is evidence that life may exist on other planets, but perhaps humans don’t know it because they haven’t developed the ability to travel that far to verify it.

“There’s nothing that tells us that what’s happening here doesn’t happen elsewhere in the universe, (but) we can’t go there,” he said.

Villaver said this restriction in checking whether other habitable planets exist forces humans to take care of Earth and ensure that life will flourish here even if humans become extinct.

“There is no plan B, either we solve this problem or we will commit to destruction, life is much wiser than humans, and life will continue to exist on Earth when we continue this way and end this.” The State of the Earth, ” he concluded.

The 37th FIL started on November 25 and ended this Sunday after nine days of activities. The event brought together 650 writers from 45 countries, 630 book presentations of different genres and about 3,000 literary, cultural and , food and music showcases.

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