October 3, 2022

With the NBA’s free agency opening at 6 p.m. ET on Thursday, some big names are hitting the market — Deandre Ayton, Bradley Beal and Zach LaVine, to name a few.

But there is a problem: few teams have cap space. After the Detroit Pistons accepted some contracts from the New York Knicks, only the Indiana Pacers, San Antonio Spurs and Orlando Magic – none of which are playoff teams looking to add a big ticket. The Knicks also have cap space now, but all reports indicate they will use it to sign Jalen Brunson.

Thankfully, this offseason will still be far from a dud, because while free agency isn’t as chaotic as you’d expect in the NBA, the trade market is hot with some star players.

Let’s take a look at some of the candidates:

Rudy Gobert

Age: 30
Crew: Utah Jazz
Position: Center
Contract: 4 years remaining at an average of $42.4 million

Statistics 2021-22: 15.6 GPP | 14.7 REC | 2.1 BLACK | .713 FG%

He’s a three-time Defensive Player of the Year, and frankly, that number could be higher. Gobert makes just about anyone think twice about attacking the rim when he’s on the ground. The Jazz had great success with him as a defensive anchor, but that didn’t exactly translate to playoff success and the Gobert-Donovan Mitchell might have run his course in Utah.

Latest: Bleacher Report’s Jake Fischer reports that the Toronto Raptors continue to “monitor the availability of several elite centers,” including Gobert. Independent NBA insider Marc Stein also called the Chicago Bulls the closest thing you could get to a destination last week. There’s no doubt plenty of teams are calling, but the Jazz aren’t particularly close to a deal, according to Athleticismit’s Tony Jones.

Kyrie Irving

Age: 30
Crew: brooklyn nets
Job : Leader
Contract: He would have opted for a year at 36.9 million dollars

Statistics 2021-22: 27.4 GPP | 5.8 APG | 4.4 REC | .469/.418/.915

With Irving joining, the scenario that he would take a $30 million pay cut to sign LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers is now dead. But he could still be traded, especially if Brooklyn feels he won’t stick around beyond this season.

The Last: ESPN’s Brian Windhorst said that senior league sources do not believe this saga is over, and that the Lakers and Irving still have a mutual interest.

John Collins

Age: 24
Crew: Atlanta Hawks
Position: Power forward
Contract: Four years left at an average of $25.5 million

Statistics 2021-22: 16.2 GPP | 7.8 REC | .526/.364/.793

The Hawks seem determined to move on as they continue to revamp their roster, but Collins is still young, very athletic and has scored more than 15 points per game in his last four seasons while shooting the ball well since. depths.

The last: According to The Athletic’s Sam Amick and Chris Kirschner, all signs continue to point to a John Collins trade in the “near future” despite not being included in Dejounte Murray’s trade. The forward has previously been linked with the Boston Celtics, Portland Trail Blazers and Sacramento Kings.

Malcolm Brogdon

Age: 29
Crew: Indiana Pacers
Position: Leader
Contract: One year remaining at $22.6 million

Statistics 2021-22: 19.1 GPP | 5.9 APG | 5.1 REC | .448/.312/.856

The Pacers are rebuilding and Tyrese Haliburton is the leader of the future, diminishing the need for Brogdon. Given the direction of the team, it might not make sense for Brogdon – who has yet to win a ring at his age – to re-sign anyway. So instead of waiting for the deadline, the Pacers are looking to cash in now. Brogdon can be a starting point guard for a contender.

The last: Brogdon was due to be traded before the NBA Draft, and while that didn’t happen, he should be dealt with “as soon as possible,” according to NBA Insider Marc Stein.

Myles Turner

Age: 26
Crew: Indiana Pacers
Position: Center
Contract: One year remaining at $18 million

Statistics 2021-22: 12.6 GPP | 7.1 REC | 2.8 BLACK | .509/.333/.752

Sticking with the Pacers, Turner has been rumored in the trades for what seems like years now, and it’s hard to believe he’s only 26. Still, he doesn’t necessarily fit into Indiana’s rebuilding window and will soon be a free agent. He showed a lot of promise early in his career and hadn’t lived up to the hype, but he may still be the best shot blocker in the NBA and someone who can stretch the floor of the five. as a semi-reliable shooter. There’s a lot to love.

The last: Pacers general manager Chad Buchanan said Tuesday, “We’re not actively buying Myles Turner…We listen to other teams who come to us.” Take it for what you want. Fischer recently flagged the potential for a sign and trade for Deandre Ayton involving Turner, and here’s the bet that one of the “elite centers” the Raptors are watching is Turner.