An expert claims “there are aliens living among us,” but what are their intentions?

Experts say creatures from other worlds may be inhabiting our planet.

Writer Ricardo González Corpancho said: “I believe that we are not alone, that there are civilizations from other worlds and other realities on Earth, but they do not appear publicly because they Waiting for something we don’t know.” and an expert on the phenomenon. UFO.

His experiences with aliens began as a child in Peru, and over the years he said he not only witnessed UFO phenomena, but also the presence of aliens.

“They, whoever they are, are already here,” Colpancho said. “It’s not that they come from distant stars or solar systems far away from us, but they have visited us and they have established themselves in underground bases,” he said.

In addition to these statements, there are also statements from NASA, the highest authority on U.S. space affairs. Agency officials said there is a huge amount of data on flying objects and they plan to collect data from governments, private companies, associations and even individuals. But they only talk about flying objects, not the objects or people behind them. They never mentioned the word “alien”.

“There is everything in the universe, that is, there are creatures that are similar to us and there are other creatures that are completely different from us,” said author and international lecturer Sixto Paz Wells. “Generally speaking, those who seek contact, as there is extraterrestrial contact, are those who are most similar to us, or those who can assume an appearance like ours,” he noted.

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Wells is also a renowned expert and lecturer on extraterrestrial phenomena. In fact, he claimed that he received messages from these creatures in his native Peru.

“On February 7, 1974, a disk-shaped object appeared and was placed approximately 80 meters above all of us,” Wells said. “It casts a light like midday that envelopes us all,” he added.

He said that after the coded message, we meet these creatures.

“About six feet tall, his face was slightly wider than ours, and his eyes were noticeably slanted. He looked Korean, Mongolian, or Oriental,” Wells described.

Copancho shared the description after confirming that he, too, has had such encounters with non-terrestrial beings.

“These people looked very human, very tall, there were men and women among them,” Copancho said.

NASA’s official position is that there is no evidence that these phenomena have an extraterrestrial origin. However, for the first time, the agency will investigate an unexplained phenomenon in Earth’s skies. The work will last nine months and produce a public report.

Wells needs no further explanation of what he claims he has been experiencing for decades.

“There are aliens living among us,” Wells said.

According to Copancho, he had a message for the people of Earth.

“I think the message is to take care of the planet and let us live more peacefully with each other,” Colpancho said. “Only then can we be ready to engage with them,” he concluded.

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