‘Alien Hunters’ finds UFO testimony credible; predicts government cover-up

Talk of alien invasion of the Capitol on Wednesday.

So what will be the result?

“This is the so-called cover story,” Derrel Sims, an alien researcher known as “The Alien Hunter,” told NBC. “It’s going to be good, you’re going to like it. It’s going to be reasonable.

A whistleblower testified before Congress that the United States may have been aware of “subhuman” activity for nearly a century and developed a plan to engineer it. Even a plausible cover story about an unexplained aerial phenomenon may not appease lawmakers and the public. or UAP, the official government term for the more familiar acronym UFO.

David Grusch, a former Air Force intelligence officer and retired major, and two former fighter pilots with UAP experience, Ryan Graves and David Fravor, on Wednesday Appeared before the House Oversight Committee’s National Security Subcommittee.

“I found all three to be credible,” Sims said, noting specifically that Grusch risked losing his career and license by disclosing the information.

Grusch said he was denied access to the UAP reverse engineering and crash recovery program that has been going on for decades. Graves explained that the drones he encountered during training missions were a flight safety issue. Fravor recounted his 2004 UAP sighting off the coast of California.

“When you look at professionals like these pilots and others, they don’t make mistakes like this,” Sims said. “This is not a mistake. They’ve seen it all. Now what they’re seeing is not normal in any sense.”

Sims has made a career out of studying phenomena that don’t fit the norm. According to a profile on his website, the former military police and CIA agent has 38 years of experience in the field and is an expert on alien abductions and UFOs. Sims’ website lists among his career highlights the discovery of so-called alien implants in the human body and traces of fluorescent aliens discovered after contact with humans.

A former military member said the Pentagon has the remains of several alien spacecraft. Here are all the details. To learn more about Telemundo, visit https://www.nbc.com/networks/telemundo

As for the encounters described by the three former military personnel during their testimony, Sims questioned why more evidence was not presented at the hearing.

“It’s great that they came forward and told this story, but did you all know these planes have cameras? It’s all documented,” Sims said. “That’s the missing piece of his story. Pilots say this, they say that. Well, that’s great. Why wouldn’t the military allow him to obtain footage from the film to bring to Congress? “That’s not going to happen.”

Sims said the government keeps drones secret for military purposes.

“Let’s say we have the technology and we redesign it or we’re working on it and we’re doing it. Do you want the Chinese to actually know that?” Sims said. “That’s not a good idea.” This is a bad idea. It’s better to leave it in the realm of public interest. Plank saucers, balloons, weather balloons, swamp gas, and more. ”

The congressional hearing comes amid growing calls for the government to be more open about its UAF intelligence. But Sims said that information will never be released to the public.

“They would never reveal that information,” Sims said. “That’s not going to happen. You can send the biggest congressional committee you want from Congress and send it to Area 51 if you want. A president (Bill Clinton) tried to do that a long time ago .”

Sims applauds Congress’ efforts and says they are on the right path, but he doesn’t trust those hiding extraterrestrial intelligence to provide lawmakers or the public with the evidence or truth they seek.

“The congressional committee will eventually get a cover story, and it will be a good story,” Sims said. “They’ve been waiting. There are six of them. What flavor do you like?”

The US government is investigating more than 600 UFO reports, but has so far ruled out the possibility of extraterrestrial activity. To learn more about Telemundo, visit https://www.nbc.com/networks/telemundo

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