August 20, 2022

Venue: All England Club Appointment: June 27-July 10
Cover: Live on BBC TV, radio and online with extensive coverage on BBC iPlayer, Red Button, connected TVs and the mobile app.

Tunisia’s Ons Jabeur, the WTA’s world number two, is the latest top player to feature exclusively on BBC Sport at a Grand Slam tournament.

In her first piece at Wimbledon, she talks about the “incredible” experience of playing doubles with Serena Williams and how she once invited the American to her home country.

Playing with Serena Williams in doubles at Eastbourne last week was an incredible experience and one that gives me extra confidence as I do my best to win my first Grand Slam title at Wimbledon.

If she sees me as a great player and looks at me that way, I can see myself that way too.

I always dreamed of training or playing against Serena, but I never imagined that I could play doubles with her and be on the same side of the court.

I couldn’t imagine being able to see firsthand how a legend – one of the GOATs (greatest female player of all time) – reacts on the court and talks to herself.

I saw a lot of important details like when she goes to serve, picks a spot and then goes and aces. In a service match at Eastbourne we had three break points and she served three aces in a row.

It shows the difference between her and other players – her mentality is so strong.

She kept pushing me forward too. If I chose to serve at a place, she would say “excellent choice”. She confirmed my choice of service and gave me the confidence to serve better.

All this experience means I feel like the luckiest player in the world.

There can be all the documentaries about Serena but very rarely can you be next to her, next to someone so great, on the court.

I got that chance and got to see why she is the amazing player and human being that she is.

“Coco joked that she was jealous of Onsrena”

We don’t play doubles together at Wimbledon because we focus on singles, but I trained with her at the All England Club on Saturday.

She rarely trains with other players, maybe other than her sister Venus, but it was very natural that I could ask her if she wanted to play for 30 minutes or an hour – and she said “yes, let’s -the”.

I feel Serena was playing well and moving well. I think she can win matches at Wimbledon.

We were placed on opposite sides of the draw, which meant we couldn’t play until the final.

It’s OK – I’ll send him into Iga Swiatek’s half instead and let these two great players face each other.

I certainly didn’t want to play her in the first round. You don’t want to play Serena, especially at Wimbledon.

But if that happened, it would be amazing to play her and it would add another thing to my dream list.

After I finished the workout she was very helpful and said if I needed anything I would let her know.

I was like a sparring partner – trying not to miss a ball and impress him. It was very cool.

Maybe two or three years ago I would have been so shy to talk to him and even more nervous.

But the fact that I could manage my nerves and feel natural to be with her and talk to her was amazing.

I’m still living the dream.

Many players have told me about the doubles partnership – which we called “Onsrena”.

When I saw Coco Gauff, she joked to me that she was jealous! But she told me I deserved it.

“I have already invited Serena to visit Tunisia”

I knew before Roland-Garros that ‘Onsrena’ was coming.

I told some of the people closest to me, my family and a good friend about it, but it was to remain a secret.

I was super excited and tried not to show it. When everyone found out, they all started texting me saying “why didn’t you tell me?”.

Everyone back home in Tunisia went crazy about it.

All videos and photos of us playing doubles are shown there. People’s favorite images where I’ve taken a good shot and where Serena has a funny or impressed reaction.

One of the first things I did when we met in Eastbourne was to invite him to Tunisia.

I told her she had to come because she had never been to Tunisia. Maybe it won’t happen now, but hopefully in a few years.

I would have to prepare properly to show her all the best parts of Tunisia and, because everyone there loves Serena – and Venus too – we would probably need around 10,000 bodyguards to dampen the excitement.

I come from Sousse, which is a beautiful coastal city in the east of Tunisia and about 90 minutes by car from the capital Tunis.

It’s on the beach, has amazing architecture and it’s just an amazing place.

This is where I would take it for sure, but it will be a while before I can tell you the full plan!

Ons Jabeur was talking to BBC Sport’s Jonathan Jurejko at Wimbledon.