August 20, 2022


Geneva, Switzerland
KSU Women’s Tennis
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KENNESAW, Georgia.- Senior and native of Switzerland, Taylor Dean thanks her teammates and coaches for her personal growth on and off the tennis courts. The 2021 First-Team All-Conference contender had six non-conference singles wins over Georgia State, Mercer, UAB, MTSU and Jacksonville State where she earned ASUN Player of the Week for the first time in her career. . Dean scored the game-winning run against Georgia State for the first win over the Panthers in program history. The KSU Owls have turned the program around for the past few years and recently recorded the most wins in program history. Dean sits down with to talk about how this all happened. What made you want to play tennis?

Taylor Dean: My mother is a big tennis fan. She loves watching Rodger Federer, so she put my siblings and me in it, and we ended up really enjoying it. If you could describe one word you love about the team, what would it be?

Taylor Dean: Diverse, because most of the team is international, and I think our different cultures and backgrounds are what makes this team so cool. We also have people from Colombia, South Korea, Spain and Italy. What challenges have you had to overcome during your tennis career?

Taylor Dean: I struggled with injuries, but being in Kennesaw really helped me because I was able to find doctors and a chiropractor who care about helping me play to the best of my abilities. What motivates you on the court?

Taylor Dean: I have been playing tennis for almost 16 years now, so the love of the game has always been enough to motivate me to overcome all difficulties and challenges. What do you expect from this next tennis season?

Taylor Dean: I can’t wait to have fun, to play with my team and to live in the present moment because these last years have passed very quickly. Where do you see your tennis career after this season?

Taylor Dean: I hope to take a year or two to see how things would go playing in some professional tournaments after seeing how my body is doing physically. I love being around tennis and training, so training is something I would love to do too. How would you describe your style of play?

Taylor Dean: I’m pretty serious when I’m there, but the team is fun, so I get a good balance. What makes you proud when it comes to your team?

Taylor Dean: Last spring, the team had the most wins in one season that we have ever had in history. We’ve struggled over the past few seasons, so it was very special to be able to do this with some of the teammates I came with. It was cool to be able to see the improvement the program has made over the years. How do you think your game has progressed from your first year to now?

Taylor Dean: Coming to Kennesaw, I didn’t expect to grow as much as I did, but being coached by an amazing coaching staff has really helped me. They helped me improve various parts of my game which made me a better tennis player. I’m really happy because I feel like I’ve grown not just as a tennis player, but as a person.

KSU finished the season with a 14-7 record and had the most wins in the program’s Division I history.