August 20, 2022

23:55 20 hours ago


Thank you for following the El Salvador – Granada match.

23:50 20 hours ago

End of Game

El Salvador 3-1 Granada.

23:45 20 hours ago


Add 3 more minutes.

23:40 20 hours ago


Gil’s long shot goes over the goal.

23:30 20 hours ago


Frank enters and Belmar leaves, Granada changes.

23:15 20 hours ago


Calvillo enters and Hernandez leaves, El Salvador changes.

23:05 21 hours ago


Orellana’s shot from mid-range goes over the goal.

23:00 21 hours ago


The second half begins between El Salvador and Granada.

22:55 21 hours ago

half time

Nothing more is added and El Salvador partially defeats Grenada 2-1 at halftime.

22:45 21 hours ago


Deflected ball from defender into own goal, but goalkeeper was alert to hold the shot.

22:40 21 hours ago


A half-range shot from the home team goes over the goal.

22:35 21 hours ago


The cross was just a little too long for Bonilla when he was already alone inside the penalty area.

22:30 21 hours ago


Tamaca’s crossfire goes past the area.

22:25 21 hours ago


Larín attempts a long-range shot that goes just wide of the keeper’s goal.

22:15 21 hours ago


Dangerous service that Granda’s goalkeeper controls without problems.

22:10 a day ago


Henríquez’s mid-range shot misses the opposing goal.

22:05 a day ago


Dueñas with a volley shot that goes over the goal.

9:50 p.m. a day ago


The match between El Salvador and Granada begins.

9:45 p.m. a day ago

Minutes away

We are minutes away from kick-off at the Cuscatlan stadium between El Salvador and Granada.

9:40 p.m. a day ago

Granada replacements

9:35 p.m. a day ago

Replacements from El Salvador

9:30 p.m. a day ago

XI Granada

12 Reice Charles-Cook, 16 AJ Paterson, 5 Kayden Harrack, 17 Tyrone Sterling, 2 Benjamin Ettienne, 11 Shavon John-Brown, 15 Ashley Charles, 8 Alexander McQueen, 9 Kharlton Belmar, 23 Jamal Ray Charles, 20 Jacob Berkeley-Agyepong .

9:25 p.m. a day ago

El Salvador

1 Mario González, 13 Alexander Larín, 5 Ronald Gómez, 21 Bryan Tamacas, 3 Roberto Domínguez, 17 Jairo Henríquez, 8 Brayan Landaverde, 23 Dennis Pineda, 6 Narciso Orellana, 20 Enrico Dueñas, 9 Nelson Bonilla.

9:10 p.m. a day ago

The other rival

Besides El Salvador and Grenada, this group D will be formed by one of the powers of the zone, the United States, so neither of these teams will have it easy.

21:05 a day ago

An opportunity

It’s those tournaments where nations like Grenada can come forward and signal that the gap has narrowed a bit. Grenada qualified for the last Gold Cup and left good impressions.

21:00 a day ago

From more to less

El Salvador left a pleasant impression in the Gold Cup and in the qualifications did not start so badly, but the team began to fall and in the end neither the level of football nor the results were enough to think about Qatar 2022. Today they will start a new process with the goal of qualifying for the 2026 World Cup.

8:55 p.m. a day ago


El Salvador and Grenada are making their CONCACAF Nations League debuts and will try to do so with a win. We start with coverage of the match by VAVEL.

8:50 p.m. a day ago

Tune in here El Salvador vs Granada Live Score CONCACAF Nations League 2022

Don’t miss any match details with live updates and commentary from VAVEL. Follow with us all the details, comments, analysis and lineups for this Match El Salvador vs Granada for CONCACAF Nations League 2022.

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What time is El Salvador vs Granada game for CONCACAF Nations League 2022?

8:35 a day ago

Key Player Grenada

Goalkeeper Reice Charles Cook is expected to be very active this Saturday, so his saves could be key to keeping Grenada in contention, as he has done in several matches in recent years.

8:30 p.m. a day ago

Key player Salvador

8:25 p.m. a day ago

Last composition Granada

12 Reice Charles-Cook, 8 Alexander McQueen, 17 Tyrone Sterling, 16 Kayden Harrack, 2 Benjamin Ettiene, 3 Kwesi Paul, 6 Oliver Norburn, 11 Shavon John-Brown, 10 Kharlton Belmar, 20 Jacob Berkeley-Agyepong, 9 Kairo Mitchell.

8:20 p.m. a day ago

Last composition El Salvador

1 Kevin Carabantes, 7 Rudy Clavel Mendoza, 16 Eduardo Vigil, 12 Nelson Blanco, 21 Bryan Tamacas, 6 Narciso Orellana, 19 Kevin Reyes, 8 Brayan Landaverde, 11 Cristian Gil, 13 Robinson Aguirre, 17 Jairo Henriquez.

8:15 p.m. a day ago

Granada: nothing to lose

While Granada will have a chance to showcase themselves against opponents who usually have a chance in this type of event in order to prove that the gap has been closed in CONCACAF.

8:10 p.m. a day ago

El Salvador: Imposing Home Advantage

After leaving some good and some bad feelings in the last cycle, El Salvador must start preparing for the next qualifiers for the 2026 World Cup where there are three and a half places left without Mexico, the United States and Canada.

20:00 a day ago

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