August 20, 2022

Thanks for your company. Here is Suzanne Wrack’s report.

Mead: “I’m enjoying my football at the moment and obviously showing it on the pitch.”

On first base: “Lauren did all the hard work, I was just in the right place.”

On performance: “We didn’t play well in the first half: we were sleepy and sloppy with the ball.

“These games are for learning but winning them is great for the Euros.”

Minor negatives for Wiegman will come from Beth England’s lack of involvement as a central striker, in addition to the error that led to the opener and Greenwood’s poor challenge to give the penalty.

Full-time: England 5-1 Netherlands

No one saw this result coming as Spitse was at the start of his run before his missed penalty. English subs and tactical changes in midfield completely changed the face of the game. The Dutch couldn’t cope with the attacking prowess of Hemp, Mead and Toone but everyone played their part in the second half. Wiegman will be very happy with his side’s reaction and clinical finish against a decent Dutch side.

90+2 mins: We are halfway through added time.

OBJECTIVE! England 5-1 Netherlands (Mead, 90)

England have a few chances to make five but it’s Mead who does the honors with a shimmy before finding the corner eight yards out.

Beth Mead scores England’s fifth goal. Photography: Molly Darlington/Action Images/Reuters
England's Beth Mead celebrates her team's fifth goal.
And go to party… Photography: Anna Gowthorpe/Shutterstock
England's Beth Mead (second from left) celebrates scoring their fifth goal with team mates.
Before celebrating with her teammates. Photography: Molly Darlington/Action Images/Reuters

88 minutes: Mead swings a free kick from the left but it’s cleared after bouncing for a while.

86 minutes: England are still tough and the Netherlands can’t get out of their own half.

84 minutes: Jansen loses a battle with Bronze and is caught above the eye by the England player’s boot by accident. Looks like she could use a little treatment.

82 minutes: The hemp has done its part and is wrapped in cotton to allow Parris a few minutes to terrorize the Dutch on the left.

80 minutes: It’s the first time England have fallen behind under the Wiegman era and they’ve shown they can react, which is good.

78 minutes: The team in orange plays total football. On this occasion, however, that team is England.

76 minutes: What a difference half an hour makes. England went from struggling to create chances to peppering the Dutch goal.

OBJECTIVE! England 4-1 Netherlands (Hemp, 74)

Hemp, arguably England’s best player, volleys for the first time into the corner after a disappointing Dutch defence.

A fine finish from Lauren Hemp gives England a fourth goal.
A fine finish from Lauren Hemp gives England a fourth goal. Photography: George Wood/Getty Images

OBJECTIVE! England 3-1 Netherlands (Toone, 72)

The changes have done England a lot of good, providing a lot of pace and energy to a flat team. Toone recovers a pass from Hemp, cuts inside and curls the ball towards the back post. There’s not much pace on the shot but Van Veenendaal misjudges it and lets it slip through his hands and into the corner. What a howler.

Ella Toone of England scores her team's third goal under pressure from Lynn Wilms of the Netherlands.
Ella Toone of England loops a shot past Lynn Wilms and into the Netherlands net. Photograph: Charlotte Tattersall/The FA/Getty Images

70 minutes: Walsh launches an attack from the edge of his own box, dribbling past a few Dutch players. The ball finally reaches Russo in the box, she twists and turns but her shot is deflected wide.

68 minutes: Leeds Fan Daly wanders from left-back to collect the ball in midfield, she plays a quick one-two and lets fly 30 yards out – hoping to score at Elland Road – but it goes way beyond that.

Moments later, Hemp almost recreated the second goal with a fine cross to the back post which Mead pushed towards the goal but Van Veenendaal blocked and cleared before Russo could slip in to score.

66 minutes: The Netherlands return the ball to England in their defensive third, Hemp takes control but his cross is poor and comes out for a goal kick.

64 minutes: There is a Mexican wave…

62 minutes: The Dutch seem to have given up on the press – they must be tired. Miedema is on, Brugts too.

Stanway, Russo and Toone join in the fun for England. Greenwood, England and Kirby offshore.

59 minutes: England seem more confident about the future now; overtaking is faster and ideas are more inventive. Kirby and Hemp combine to create a few chances in the box, culminating in Mead’s shot being blocked.

57 mins: The Netherlands get two corners in quick succession but Beth England and then Earps do their part to limit the danger.

55 mins: It was a silly minute or so. Spitse is still frustrated and goes after Kirby by knocking her down.

OBJECTIVE! England 2-1 Netherlands (Mead, 53)

Ninety seconds after the missed penalty, England are in the lead. Hemp runs down the left and sends a perfect cross to the back post to send Mead home from close range.

England's Beth Mead scores her second goal.
England’s Beth Mead scores her second goal. Photography: Molly Darlington/Action Images/Reuters
England's Beth Mead scores her second goal.
Here is a view of the finish behind the goal. Photograph: Nick Potts/PA
Beth Mead celebrates her second goal.
Mead walks away celebrating… Photography: Molly Darlington/Action Images/Reuters
England's Beth Mead (left) celebrates her second goal with Lauren Hemp, who provided the cross which Mead converted.
And then party with Lauren Hemp, who provided the cross that Mead converted. Photography: Marc Atkins/Getty Images

Missed Penalty! England 1-1 Netherlands

52 mins: On his 200th cap, Spitse comes forward and sends the ball wide to Earps’ left.

Netherlands women's midfielder Sherida Spitse kicks her penalty wide.
Dutch midfielder Sherida Spitse fails to score from the penalty spot. Photography: Malcolm Bryce/ProSports/Shutterstock
England Women's goalkeeper Mary Earps (right) and Mille Bright celebrate after Dutch Women's midfielder Sherida Spitse (8) failed to convert her penalty.
England goalkeeper Mary Earps (right) and Mille Bright celebrate after Spitse’s miss. Photography: Malcolm Bryce/ProSports/Shutterstock

50 mins: Penalty for the Netherlands.

49 mins: Greenwood clears Van de Donk in the box but the referee gives nothing. It looks like a penalty… and VAR must be about to overturn the decision.

Danielle Van de Donk of the Netherlands is knocked down by England's Alex Greenwood, which ends up resulting in a penalty.
Danielle Van de Donk of the Netherlands is brought down by England’s Alex Greenwood, what will VAR say? Photo: Lewis Storey/Getty Images

47 mins: Hemp drives inside from the left and takes aim but his shot is deflected into Mead’s path; the sub tries to control the ball on his thigh, only to see it bounce for a goal kick.

Van de Donk and Dijkstra are in contention for the Netherlands.

Second part

Here we go again!

Beth Mead is for England in place of Kelly for England.

Will England be looking to make a change up top? England had no service all night and struggled in the central role, replacing White who has Covid. How can Wiegman change it?

I suspect most of the second half updates will be about substitutions.

I don’t think she meant that…

Half: England 1-1 Netherlands

I’m not sure Wiegman learned too much from the first 45 minutes. Kirby looked brilliant behind the striker when she took the ball and playing from the back against a team that can press isn’t very successful. England are lucky to be level thanks to the Bronze chance. I suspect we will soon see changes.

45 mins: Two more minutes.

44 mins: Van Veenendaal struggles to control a back pass on her own goal line to excite the public but she recovers from the situation without a fuss. Halftime slows down before the break.

42 mins: Bright gives Beerensteyn a push in the back near the halfway line to make sure the Dutch can’t counter.

40 mins: I’m not sure Beth England has had a touch yet…

38 mins: Martens is on deck, holding his ankle. It will not want to risk anything so close to the Euro.