August 12, 2022

Training doesn’t always have to be a hard chore. There are many ways to stay active while keeping our bodies in top shape. Tennis, with its visually pleasing aesthetic and light intensity level, can be an effective way to combine fun and fitness.

As the summer months welcome outdoor play and the courts begin to fill up, watching the role is almost as important as a good backhand. But you don’t need to adorn your wardrobe with pastels or performance polo shirts that can attack the green when they’re not attacking the net. There’s style to be found, and Canada-based Reigning Champ has appealed to a major court – with the perfect partner.

Teaming up with tennis icon Prince (not to be confused with, you know), the two served up an all-new collection that highlights the antithesis of the country club game, celebrating public ground breakers for a look real, ready and shamelessly cool.


someone holding tennis balls


The Prince vs. Reigning Champ Collection Celebrates the Brands’ Shared History of Innovation

Prince is one of those staple tennis brands recognizable even by non-fans. Braving its way to the racquet of choice for professionals three decades ago, the Original Graphite 107, the brand’s classic typeface and nostalgic color scheme have won court as popular choices for on-the-go necessities. field.

As a receiver of Prince’s service, Reigning Champ also has its roots in innovative excellence. Since 2007, the brand has focused on mastering simplicity with complex performance apparel. Using iconic fabrics with a focus on rugged construction and unrivaled comfort, the brand’s professional touch has been lent to some of the most stylish collaborations with Asics, Muhammad Ali and many more.

someone holding tennis rackets


What’s included in the Prince vs Reigning Champ capsule

Available from today, the court-ready kit includes co-branded staples such as a t-shirt, hoodie, crewneck, polo shirt and shorts. Each piece contains performance features such as flat seams, semi-raglan sleeves, performance fabrics and more. Both polo and shorts are made from moisture-wicking Solotex mesh, perfect for a comfortable, agile and nostalgic look.

But the capsule isn’t just about looks. In addition to a bob, visor and towel, Prince and Reigning Champ have also given tennis some style with a premium tennis ball three-pack and a reimagined Original Graphite 107 racquet. Considered the industry standard with a level of feel, precision and control, the 107 features the exclusive capsule colorway with co-branded highlights that are ready to serve up something special this summer.

Priced at $17-$200, the Prince vs. Reigning Champ Tennis Collection is available online, in-store, and at select retailers worldwide.


Prince reigning champion t-shirt


Prince Polo, defending champion



Defending champion Prince Short



Prince Original Graphite 107 Racket


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